Steamy Punk by Alejandro Ashes


Steamy Punk is an erotic novella set in the Esmeralda & Escarlata universe, featuring three interlinked stories in a prequel to the main series:

1. Mai's Story: Mai is an exotic dancer in the Shadow District of Liberty City. She infiltrates a nightclub party held by the Hawkmoth Syndicate to rescue her sister from human traffickers.

2. Anaya's Story: Anaya is a techno-terrorist in the cyberpunk city of Commune. She leads a group to disrupt the advancements of AI and infiltrates the Sexbots Inc. factory to halt their operations.

3. Bella's Story: Bella, a dominatrix-nun of the Domina Divina sisterhood in the gothic kingdom of Dominion, is tasked by High-Sister Piety to spy on a Desert Baron who is plotting a coup.

These stories explore themes of survival, rebellion, and espionage within a rich, erotic framework, culminating in a dramatic and steamy finale where the paths of Mai, Anaya, and Bella converge. This novella not only offers tantalizing tales but also expands the lore of its universe, setting the stage for future entries in the series.


Excerpt from Steamy Punk © Copyright 2024 Alejandro Ashes

“You can jerk off to me while I dance,” teased Mai, her thigh-high boots clacking on the neon-drenched floor as she made her way to the stripper pole.

The stylish banker, decked out in a cream suit and open white shirt, looked surprised by her offer, but his friends clapped him on the back, encouraging him to go ahead.

Anything goes in the Dreampetal nightclub, babe, just ask your pals. They’ve clearly been here before.

The rowdy men toasted one another with glowing cocktails as the banker shooed them away, waiting for the grinning goons to vanish behind one of the many silky curtains fluttering in the mist-filled warehouse.

Mai could hear them chuckling as they sought out their own private amusements elsewhere, one of them cursing as he nearly tripped on one of the fog machines keeping the ambience extra steamy throughout.

The banker unzipped his pants, pulled out his thick tan cock and started masturbating to her, giddy with the freedom to do as he pleases.

There you go, hun. You paid for all those overpriced champagne bottles tonight and we both know what you’re really paying for. Gotta launder that cash in case you’re ever investigated.

She smiled seductively, tossing back her long red-dyed hair and grabbed the stripper pole.

The music blasting through the speakers from the house DJ, a face-tatted drug dealer who spun discs more in tune with his own high than with any actual rhythm, picked up in intensity.

Mai soared into a phoenix spin, opening her leanly-muscled legs wide as she went upside down into a handspring position.

The banker gawked at her petite pussy and how its petals gleamed in the dimly lit room, grazing her slender neck with his hungry eyes and wishing he could bite down on it.

His balls flopped up and down as he jerked his dick hard, imagining all the terrible things he wanted to do to her at the afterparty, where the college-aged nightclub promoters that worked for the Hawkmoth Syndicate took select dancers.

The banker’s friends had promised him that what went down in the Shadow District underbelly beneath Liberty at pop-up nightclubs like Dreampetal was nothing compared to what happened above ground, in the Goldsmith District mansions.

And all you had to do was spend and spend to get on the afterparty list. Well, be careful what you wish for.

Mai was glad to see his ravenous stare as she went through her well-practiced pole routine, pulling off seemingly impossible positions with acrobatic grace, faster and faster.

She now dangled provocatively in an inverted crucifix move.

Looks like I’m winning him over. If he picks me to go with him to the afterparty, I can finally save my sister.

Her small-yet-perky breasts drew his eyes sharply as she squeezed the pole with her legs tightly, then brought her arms together to pinch her nipples.

Mai even let some drool hang from her mouth before slurping it back up.

I need to look as unhinged and down-to-fuck as possible.

“I want you so bad,” she cooed, giving his dick a meaningful look and licking her lips.

He smiled, jerking himself harder and nodding.

“I want you too, sexy,” he replied in a husky voice.

Easing herself down, she whipped her hair back, naked except for her thigh-high boots, which thudded loudly as she walked towards him confidently.

I’m going to kill you, slaughter your douchebag friends and maybe even take out a few of these privileged little nightclub promoter pricks who serve this crime-infested shithole.

She envisioned the stiletto knives concealed inside the soles of her boots and the fountains of blood that would gush after she plunged them into the businessmen and the promoters in a ballet of slaughter; and maybe she’d have a machine-crossbow too if Vivian came through tonight with the smuggled goods.

As she daydreamed, it was the promoters she looked forward to punishing the most, because when she was a sorority girl herself, it was their student-run crime facilitating network that had first suckered her into this racket.

There won’t be any running back home to mommy and daddy, then being good little students during the day time at your yuppy university, when you’re bleeding to death at my feet tonight. I almost hope Vivian isn’t able to get me a machine-crossbow. It’d be more satisfying to stab and stab and stab.

Mai had made the mistake of chasing after the fast-cash promises of Shadow District dancing, which was more lucrative than the much safer sex work available at Castle Courtesana and its legit establishments in the heart of Liberty above ground.

Sex work was not treated as a crime, after all, and was celebrated.

But down here, it was promote or dance for the real money, and she did not have the mercenary heartlessness required to be a promoter.

There were bartender gigs and hype girls who sat around pretending to have fun so the club looked stylish, but the pay was not worth the risk in Mai’s view, and she had neither the mixology skills nor the tittering bimbo personality to pull off either role.

But I can fucking dance. And I’m gonna dance in the flames of that afterparty mansion after I rescue Sayuri and burn it down. I just know that’s the one she’s trapped in.

If the banker noticed any of the deadly intent in her eyes as she stood before him, he was too distracted by her slender thighs and well-rounded ass, which were as honed as her abs.

“Want me to suck your dick?” she mewed, raising her hands up like a cat suddenly.

Guys love this cat girl stuff.

He nodded vigorously.

“Want to slap me a little?” she then asked, tapping her right cheek and getting on all fours. “Gently though, because I’m a soft kitty.”

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