Amy At The Weddings by Hannelore Bella


A Steamy Tale Of Sapphic Seduction and Discovery in Two Parts

Two sordid, connected stories of straight girls being seduced by experienced lesbians when they fly solo at a wedding.

Part 1: Amy At The Lesbian Wedding
Amy Bauers is a 19-year-old straight college student who is invited to the wedding of her childhood friend and neighbor to her new wife-to-be. This is the first lesbian wedding for the sheltered Amy and she isn't quite sure what to expect, of herself or of the other guests at the wedding. She is soon spotted by the seductively contrasting couple of Monica and Selene and they establish a rapport. By the end of the night, Monica and Selene have seduced the curious Amy and she is gleefully between their legs, learning how satisfying sapphic sex can be.

Part 2: Amy At The Next Wedding
It's two years later and Amy has embraced her queer identity with the help of Selene and Monica. In that time, Amy has come out and dated several women, while still returning to Monica and Selene's bed for regular three-way lovemaking sessions. She has another wedding coming up and this time, she decides she's going to be the one to seduce the unsuspecting straight girl. With some guidance and advice from her sapphic mentors, Amy sets out to show the new object of her affection, a fellow wedding guest named Lily, what she already knows so well: the joys of licking pussy and lesbian sex!


Excerpt from Amy At The Weddings © Copyright 2024 Hannelore Bella

Mandy stood and grabbed my hand. Soon I was being guided giddily to the bathrooms by this voluptuous woman who meant to take my panties from me, and I was going to let her!

My heart pounded in my chest as Mandy brought me into the bathroom and stood me in front of the mirror. The fluorescent lights cast an unforgiving glow on my face, highlighting the slight flush that had crept into my cheeks. What was I about to do? Was it truly worth compromising my self-perception as a straight girl just for the sake of helping this competitive queer woman get a little trophy to make the other women here jealous?

“Are you sure you're okay with this?” Mandy asked gently, appearing behind me in the mirror's reflection, resting her warm hands on my bare shoulders. Her bright blue eyes were filled with concern, but also an undeniable spark of excitement.

“I… I think so,” I replied, swallowing hard. “I'm just nervous, that's all. This is definitely a first for me.”

“Understandable,” Mandy acknowledged, her voice soothing as she rubbed my shoulders slightly. “But remember, you have the power to choose your own path and explore your desires, no matter what they may be. I'm proud of you for being so open.”

I suddenly felt tears in my eyes as I was overwhelmed by what Mandy had just said. This amazingly beautiful woman was proud of me?!

“Oooh Sweetie, what's wrong?” Mandy said, seeing the tears welling up in the mirror.

“Nothing, I just, what a nice thing to say.” I shook my head and smiled through the tears.

“And I meant it.” Mandy said, giving my shoulders a squeeze. Then she leaned in close, her breath tickling my ear as she whispered. “Okay sweetheart, let's get those panties off.”

I was expecting her to move but she remained close to my ear and I saw a thought occur to her. “Bet you didn't think another lady would be saying that to you when you arrived at the wedding hmm?”

My whole body tingled at her words and the soft command in her voice. Mandy turned me around to face her and then slowly moved to her knees.

“Good girl,” Mandy praised, a wicked smile spreading across her face. “Now, lift up your dress for me.”

With trembling hands, I grasped the hem of my purple party dress and slowly raised it, exposing my thighs as the fabric bunched around my hips. My breath hitched as I felt the cool air against my exposed skin, a shiver running down my spine.

“Higher,” Mandy commanded, her voice firm yet encouraging. “You're doing great, Amy. Just a little more.”

As I complied, lifting the dress until my maroon panties were revealed, my cheeks burned with embarrassment and vulnerability. I was really going through with this – allowing Mandy to remove my underwear in a public bathroom, all for the sake of the reasoning she and Mandy had given me out on the reception hall floor. If I was honest, I had committed because I wanted to gain these women's approval, the actual logic of the reasoning had already escaped me.

“Beautiful,” Mandy murmured appreciatively, her eyes drinking in the sight of my trembling form. “Now, hold onto the edge of the sink and spread your legs just a bit. I promise to be gentle.”

I did as instructed, gripping the cold porcelain tightly as I braced myself for what was to come. My heart raced, each beat echoing through my body like thunder. Mandy smiled up at me as she raised her hands and slid them up my smooth legs beneath the bunched up fabric of my dress.

With a surprising gentleness, Mandy's fingertips grazed my hips, carefully hooking into the waistband of my panties. As she slowly began to lower them, I felt a strange mix of emotions – fear, excitement, and an undeniable curiosity that urged me to push my boundaries even further.

“Keep breathing,” Mandy reminded me, her voice soft yet commanding. “You're doing so well, Amy. Just a little more, and you'll be free.”

As my panties slid down my legs and pooled around my ankles, I looked down at Mandy. She was staring up my dress and realized that from her angle on the ground, she could TOTALLY see my pussy. In that moment, I felt exposed and vulnerable – but also undeniably alive. It felt GOOD to be on display for her.

“Step out of them,” Mandy instructed, her gaze not moving from that opportunistic angle.

Taking a deep breath, I obeyed, letting out a soft sigh as I stepped out of my discarded panties. With one hand, Mandy scooped them up, her eyes gleaming with triumph and satisfaction.

“Look at you,” she purred, her other hand having remained on my hip. She moved it so it just barely grazed my pussy for a moment and then lightly ran her fingertips over my left thigh. “So brave, so beautiful. You should be proud of yourself, Amy…I'm proud of you, and grateful to you for sharing this with me.”

I felt a fresh swell of pride wash over me and I beamed widely. Mandy certainly knew how to make a girl feel special.

Mandy made a show of putting my panties on her finger and spinning them on her finger as she rose to her feet. My mouth hang agape as she playfully brought the fabric to her nose and took a quick sniff before balling it up in her hand and held out her other one for me to take.

I pushed off from the sink and let the bunched up fabric of my dress fall back down over my thighs as I took her hand.

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