Esmeralda & Escarlata by Alejandro Ashes


Esmeralda has a dark side named Escarlata. She's also a succubus. As her powers of seduction and flaming destruction awaken, she will light the world on fire.

Enter a steampunk realm of action-adventure erotica filled with courtesans, ruthless vigilantes, political intrigue, organized crime and science-fiction mayhem. And lots of hardcore, very explicit sex.

Did I mention the clockwork assassins, dominatrix-nuns, airships and super soldiers? It's all absolutely unhinged (there's tentacles).

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Excerpt from Esmeralda & Escarlataby © Copyright 2024 Alejandro Ashes

She loosened her unnatural hold just enough for them to immediately feel uncertain about whether to reach for their pants first or their blades.

“Knock this bitch out again, quickly!” shouted the commander, wiping drool from his mouth and casting his eyes wildly about.

The nearest man grabbed her hair from behind and she squealed with delight, bending over to shove her pussy right onto his dick with unnatural speed and perfect aim. It slipped right inside her and he groaned with ecstasy, before struggling vainly to focus on attacking her, fists clenching and unclenching.

Instead, he felt compelled only to ram his dick in and out of her faster and faster while pulling her hair like the reins to a mare, and when the others saw her voluptuous tits bouncing and bouncing after each thrust, hard nipples seeming to stare into their eyes, they became enraged by their lack of control and desired nothing more than to tame her once and for all.

She could see that dark impulse written on their faces, to crush her will and regain their virility, their mastery of physicality, their sense of manliness. She loved their powerlessness. These were not men to be seduced for her pleasure. These were men who deserved only to be punished with unhinged sadism.

And they’ll fucking love every second of it.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she called out. “Come beat this pussy up you cowardly fucks.”

They descended on her, slapping her face, shoving their fingers in her mouth to fishhook her lip, grabbing her breasts aggressively, thudding fists into her abs and yet she felt only pleasure. Their strikes barely registered, absorbed instead by the flaming ignition in her cells.

As they took turns flipping her around and fucking her mouth, shoving their cocks into her ass, up her cunt, in between her tits, plugging and unplugging every orifice in a gangbang of limbs, spit, cum, pussy juice, sweat and screaming joy, slapping her tits repeatedly, a seductive frenzy seized them all, with Escarlata’s radiant power conducting an orgiastic symphony.

It was at that moment, a few of the men realized they were burning horribly, cocks turning to ashes, hands barbecued to bony stubs, faces charbroiled and tongues bubbling like oil on a hot pan.

Even the nearby trees and bushes began to wilt and crumble to ashes, snapping and popping as she radiated more and more semi-visible heat, bending the air.

“No, no, don’t stop!” she teased, bathing in their primitive terror, their conflicting desires and their animalistic madness.

One of the men jumped back before he was fully consumed in fire, rolling around in the dirt and patting the flames out, then searching the nearest satchel with his one remaining hand to find an emergency flare.

He gripped the handle, nearly crying out with joy as he managed to aim it high and trigger the alchemical powders inside the matchlok to spark a bright comet-like streak that shot upwards with golden light.

Escarlata twisted her hips with superheated force, turning the last remaining dicks plugging her ass and pussy into disintegrated nothingness as two men fell to their knees howling in pain. She felt deep disappointment at no longer being stuffed airtight.

Man parts littered the earth in a bloody and cooked char. One of the friars had even burned to a blackened skeleton, the sizzling lust having reduced everything else to gray powder. His skull leaned back, mouth agape in a death orgasm.

“Wait!” she cried out to the man who had scrambled away. “Why did you send up that flare, you fucking idiot? Now you have to share me with your friends.”

Ohhh, how I hope they come soon! I’m not even close to satisfied.

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