College – this is when your first true love occurs. This is when you get one of your first long relationships and discover a plethora of different feelings. It is that time of your life when you find out what sensuality means, but you also discover your sexuality. Whether you want to bring back some good old memories or you are actually in college and could do with some steamy stories, here are some of the best college romance books out there.

Out of the Dark, by Sundae Leighton

His past left him broken. Back in the day, he was a golden boy. Everyone around Ocean View knew him and he could get any girl he wanted. But then, his life changed and he became a different person. Everyone noticed it too, yet he chooses to ignore those around him.

Until one day, when she gets into his life and changes everything. Jillian is different from other girls. She is beautiful and has a great personality. She is the town sweetheart and she can definitely complete him. Moreover, her attitude for life gives him hope again.

Jillian makes him understand that life is not about existing, but about living. As she helps him get back on track, his life changes to 180 degrees. She brings out everything that is good in him and his darkness is about to vanish.

This contemporary new adult romance will definitely burn your heart.

The Deal, by Elle Kennedy

This is the first book in the Off-Campus series and this is where everything begins. If you are after some steamy college romance books, search no more. Hannah was not too much into boys, but she has finally managed to find someone who she finds hot.

She is one of the most confident girls out there. She knows that she is strong, but there is one thing where she lacks experience – her sexuality. She lacks control when it comes to seduction and sex because of her past. She has a crush, but to get some attention, she will need to leave her comfort zone.

Then, you have Garrett. He is only interested in hockey. The two make a deal. Hannah wants to make her crush jealous, while he believes going out with her will help him get a high GPA score. However, one kiss leads to the sex of their lives and that is when Garrett realizes he needs to make Hannah understand that he is the right man for her.

The Hook Up, by Kristen Callihan

This is one of the most exciting college romance books out there, the story never drags. There are a few rules – no kissing, no overnight staying, no telling and no love. Anna wants to finish college and start a career. She also tries to ignore her crush for Drew, the star quarterback of the college.

He has different plans in mind though. He wants to convince her to break every rule. She has always guided her life by rules and she has always been organized, but she keeps thinking about all the dirty things that she would do to him. She wants to keep him out of her mind, but she cannot.

Drew’s career is glowing. However, what he wants is the prickly Anna. She has appealing humor and she is clever – things that turn him on. However, she has shut him down. When a random hook up leads to the hottest sex of their lives, their worlds come together.

Beautiful Disaster, by Jamie McGuire

The Beautiful series starts with this particular book that introduces you to the character, their connections and the main story. Meet Abby. She does not swear or drink. Her past is quite dark, but she has left everything behind. She gets into college with her best friend and a local event changes everything.

The Walking One Night Stand at the Eastern University is appealing, so everyone wants to be part of it. Travis is Abby’s opposite. His body is covered in tattoos, but he also has a good-looking body. This is the type of man Abby needs to avoid, but also wants in her bed.

Somehow, she manages to resist to his appeal. Travis challenges her to a bet. If she loses, she must live in his apartment for a month. If she wins, he must stay abstinent for the same period of time. Things are about to get messy – and steamy – for them though.

Easy, by Tammara Webber

Jacqueline decides to follow her boyfriend to college. They both enroll into the same college and things seem to go fine. Two weeks later, her life is completely different. She is in the wrong university and she is single. She fails her first class and she is ignored by her friends.

One of her professors gets her in touch with Landon, the class tutor. He puts her back on track, but things go in the wrong direction. She starts feeling for him and she is now interested in more than just a good grade. The feeling becomes mutual. However, the interaction is only by email.

Meanwhile, one guy from her class shows her that he might be worth some attention. Lucas is in the queue now. One day, he asks her to sketch her in her room and she agrees. Then, all the men in her life somehow get back to her, making her mind go wild in multiple directions.

My Favorite Mistake, by Chelsea Cameron

The first book in the series is one of the best college romance books if you also like a bit of suspense. The book brings in a couple of secrets and a bet. Taylor has mixed feelings for her college roommate. She wants to kiss him, but she also feels like punching him.

Then, Hunter is beautiful and covered in tattoos, hence her repulsion towards him. She does not want to fall in love with him because she thinks she will get burned. Therefore, she wants to stop thinking about him. In fact, she needs him out of her life before it becomes too late.

Hunter has also suffered before, but he finds Taylor irresistible, especially since she is hard to get. This is when the bet comes in. If Taylor can convince Hunter that she hates or loves him, he will leave the apartment and her life.

The Year We Fell Down, by Sarina Bowen

Her life does not seem perfect. She hoped to play ice hockey at the Harkness College, but she suffers an injury and ends up in a wheelchair. The sport she loves is now impossible. Corey’s life is broken, but she decides to move on.

Then, there is another disabled access dorm room in the building. Adam shares the same passion for hockey, but he broke his leg in two pieces. Not only is he out of her league, but he also has a girlfriend, so Corey feels stuck.

The two share the same suffering and passion, so they become good friends. However, one night, everything falls apart. Corey knows that if everything fails, she will suffer even more. But then, she is willing to give it a try.

Walking Disaster, by Jamie McGuire

Travis’ mother passed away, but she taught him two valuable lessons in life first – love hard and fight even harder. How much is too much to love someone then? This is the second book in the Beautiful series and will change everything you knew about love – one of the best-rated steamy college romance books.

Travis’ life now changes and brings in a series of challenges. Women come and go. Gambling is part of the game and a new underground world opens up to him. Violence is part of the game too. But as he thinks that he can do anything he wants, he meets Abby.

Abby brings Travis to his knees. The first book in the series explores the story from Abby’s point of view. This second book tells everything through Travis’ eyes.

Maybe Someday, by Colleen Hoover

This book is about love, teenage passion, betrayal and music. Sydney seems to live her life in a bubble. She is a good student with excellent grades. Plus, she has a decent job as well, so she has an income. She has the perfect boyfriend and she lives with her best friend.

As if her life was not good enough, she has some excellent music coming from the balcony opposite hers. She keeps hearing it day by day until it becomes her daily soundtrack. But then, her life falls apart when she finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her.

As a perfectly timed coincidence, she also meets the man behind the music – Ridge. The two start writing songs together and he shows her another side of life – a life that moves on and has better things in store.


In the end, these are some of the best college romance books out there. Explore the innocent love and the passion associated with it at an early age, but also the challenges associated with college relationships.