A Prince’s Heart by M. L. Taylor


Part of The Heart Series

Prince Valik Rikard Massoulieu is the only son and heir to King Viktor and Queen Camille of the Isle of Harris. Valik is beyond loyal to his family and has always tried to honor the expectations that goes along with the life of being a Prince. Upon his father's request, Valik travels to Liverpool to settle a dispute in an old family-owned business. He soon finds out what kind of evil there is in the world.

Valik is recognized as Viktor's heir and son of a king. He's hit over the head and captured for ransom by a man who has a violent vendetta against the sovereign family. Blindfolded and beaten, Valik's only hope is the help and aid from a young woman named Sophia. Her soft voice and caring hands pull him out of the depths of depravity. But Sophia's evil father expects his daughter to fulfill his nefarious misdeeds.

It doesn't take long for Valik and Sophia to battle against the growing attraction they hold for the other until it can no longer be denied. But can their two very different worlds merge enough for love to grow, or will their unspoken truths eventually tear them apart?


Sample chapter from the book

Chapter Seven ~ The voice of reason.

She pushes the door open and stands in the threshold.  Only the light of the fireplace illuminates the chamber, and she almost takes a step back losing her nerve.

Like before, she tentatively scans the room and her gaze settles on Valik sitting cross-legged in the center of the large bed.  It is an unsettling moment of truth for her and when their eyes lock.

“Come in, Sophia. I've been expecting you,” he whispers.

To her… his voice almost resounds as a lover's caress and she shakes her head, positive her mind is playing tricks on her.  With great apprehension, she steps farther into the room and hesitantly closes the door behind her.  For a moment, she almost can't will herself to turn around and face him, but she forces down the knot in her throat and ultimately does.

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