Chumba Poxwally’s Mostly Bisexual Anthology by Chumba Poxwally


10 Explicitly Erotic Romance Stories

If you love explicit romance stories with great characters, snappy storytelling, three-way action and lots of happy endings, then this anthology is for you. Many of these stories feature bisexual menage with one woman enjoying the attention of two men. There's also a kibitzing couple exploring their sexuality and some light domination and submission. The finale story is a novella about an older woman looking back at her biggest mistake and how it changed her life–for the better. All of these stories include explicit details of adult sexuality.

  1. The Window Seat. A bisexual threesome heats up fast.
  2. Sunshine Boy. A bi-curious husband will do anything for his beautiful wife. Anything.
  3. I Swear, They Cum so Hard–Part 1. Bisexual male-male-female menage. Based on a true story.
  4. Not Very Likely–Part 1. She agrees to let him in her back door, but only on one condition.
  5. I Swear, They Cum so Hard–Part 2. Finally, a young woman gets what she needs from her bisexual boyfriends. Based on a true story.
  6. Little Sierra's Confession. Little Sierra comes out as submissive on a first date, and her new boyfriend nearly ruins everything.
  7. Not Very Likely–Part 2. He finally gets what he's been craving, but she wants to give him something special.
  8. Not Very Likely–Mini-Story. Hot kisses in a public parking lot.
  9. I Swear, She Was All That. This coming of age novella builds slowly to an explicit bisexual female-female-male climax. Based on a true story.
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