There is nothing more satisfying than reading your favorite book after a long, hard day. You will get to relax, open a bottle of wine, and maybe read on your favorite spot inside the house. If you want to make things more exciting, maybe you could pick out a book that is kind of enticing. If you are looking for the best-selling steamy romance books this 2020, you came to the right place. Listed below is a selection of the most new and fresh batch of romance books that can definitely spice up your day.

The Bride Test, by Helen Hoang

If you want a strict but unique kind of love story, this is the kind of book that would pique your interests. It is a complicated love story about Khai and Esme, who are living in different places around the world. Esme is the kind of person who is a head-in-the-clouds romantic, while Khai is more enclosed and prefers isolation. The biggest kick of the story is that the couple is paired through an arranged partnership. This is why they must work together and find a way to settle their differences and achieve that sweet spot within their relationship.

Take a Hint, Dani Brown, by Talia Hibbert

This book is filled with loads of eye-widening scenes that can surely make you read them twice. After security guard Zafir Ansari rescues Dani Brown from a fire in their workplace, it triggers Dani’s “no-strings-attached” sexual mindset, making her ready to take him anytime. However, a video of their rescue session went viral, and they are now stuck within this “trending relationship”. Will they succeed in their ways to take advantage of each other, or will they eventually surrender to their hearts and admit their feelings for one another? Read this astonishingly sexy and hilarious novel by Talia Hibbert and find out what happens next!

Something To Talk About, by Meryl Wilsner

The tabloids are spewing off hot news as they photograph Hollywood celebrity Jo and Emma (her assistant) on the red carpet, declaring them as the next romantic big thing. With the paparazzi flocking in, ruining their lives and risking the launch of Jo’s next big film, Emma has been coming up with ways to make things better for Jo. Are the rumours in no way true, or is the spark between them finally heating up? In this debut romance novel by Meryl Wilsner, you will enjoy a classic mix of comedy and romance that is guaranteed to make you long for the next pages.

Love Her or Lose Her, by Tessa Bailey

Rosie and Dominic chose to stay by each other’s side ever since high school. However, things didn't go well as they planned when they got stuck in everything they did. Desperate to revive the flame of their relationship, Rosie registers them at a marriage boot camp, and surprisingly enough, Dominic agrees. Will they be able to work their relationship out? Read this romance novel by Tessa Bailey and find out if it’s really never too late when it comes to a marriage.

The Hating Game, by Sally Thorne

Co-workers Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman have always hated each other in the workplace. Lucy resented Joshua’s straightforward attitude when it comes to his work, and Joshua loathes Lucy’s positivity and overbright clothing. As they battle for the same promotion, the tension increases between the two employees. The only thing they’re figuring out is this: Is the tension purely professional, or is it something else? Read on to this hilariously sexy novel by debut author Sally Thorne, and see how Lucy and Joshua banter as they slowly find the thin line between love and hate.

Beautiful Disaster, by Jamie McGuire

Abby Abernathy is the “new girl” at Eastern University. Frequently visited by her haunting past, she tries to immerse herself in this new, more innocent life. That is, until Travis Maddox appeared. With that lean and tattooed bad boy vibe going on, Travis is the representation of everything that Abby wants. However, Travis met his match, and their fate is now dangling on a month-long deal. Jamie McGuire’s first book in the Beautiful Disaster Series has everything you need for a sweat-breaking romance novel.

It Ends With Us, by Colleen Hoover

As Lily falls in love with gorgeous neurosurgeon Ryle Kincaid, everything seems so perfect in her life. However, Ryle’s total aversion when it comes to relationships disturbed Lily so much, and it didn’t help when Atlas Corrigan, an old flame of hers, returned to town. Will Lily be able to hold everything together? Read this incredible Colleen Hoover love story that you can definitely relate to, and find out what happens with them.

Meet Cute Club, by Jack Harbon

Bookworm Jordan Collins is a sucker for romance novels, which is why he founded his very own book club for this genre. As he spreads the word about the club, a bookstore employee named Rex Bailey offers to help Jordan as he revitalizes his community. While working thoroughly on their activities, Jordan is suddenly understanding Rex on a deeper level. Will he fall for this guy, or will he continue on working with him professionally? Find out the unexpected twists as you read on to one of Jack Harbon’s newest creations.

Well Met, by Jen DeLuca

As Emily enjoys her temporary stay in Willow Creek, Maryland, she finds herself involved in the local Renaissance Faire that is held there every summer. Unfortunately, she constantly clashes with Simon, the school teacher who is in charge of the play’s volunteers. Simon gets frustrated whenever Emily fires up her endless suggestions, until he sees her in that breathtaking wench’s costume. Is the spark between them brought by the characters they are playing, or is it something else? Jen DeLuca will play with your mind as you read on to this fantastic romance book.

Romance novels are one of the undying book genres ever made. With modern takes and twists, you will surely enjoy this selection of the best selling steamy romance books this 2020. Get ready for a long night, because you will enjoy reading these great finds!