If you are a fan of romance books and you are looking to spice things up even more, you can pick an erotic novels. It's 2020 after all, you don't need to by shy anymore. By reading a great book in this genre, you will be able to explore in a way that can satisfy your cravings for stories with heated twists in their plots. Who knows, maybe it can even spice up your personal life.

For excellent book suggestions, here is a list of the best erotic romance novels you can find in 2020! Most of the titles aren't released this year, but we wanted to find the best ones that are out of the market. Let's check them:

Craving, by Helen Hardt

After Jade Roberts’ intended left her on the altar, she is traumatized and looks for a peaceful time within a ranch owned by her best friend’s family. She was not expecting to fall for anyone right after a horrible tragedy, until she saw her best friend’s brother coming in. Unfortunately, with Talon Steel’s childhood trauma, he is terrified of attachment to any woman ever since. However, when Jade and Talon kissed, there has been this odd spark between them that makes them crave for each other more and more. Will their secrets stand in the way of their relationship? Find out more by reading Helen Hardt’s best-selling erotic novel.

Gabriel’s Inferno, by Sylvain Reynard

As charming professor, Gabriel Emerson does his best to redeem himself from his dark and traumatic past, the enrollment of Julia Mitchells on his graduate study did not make things easier. Being a well-respected professor by day and a sexual enigma at night certainly took a toll in Gabriel’s life. How will he avoid jeopardizing his career and personal life while controlling his carnal and emotional attraction towards Julia? Find out their story as you catch your breaths in Slyvain Reynard’s heat-inducing novel.

Rush, by Maya Banks

Gabe Hamilton has intense sexual cravings for his best friend’s little sister, Mia Crestwell, ever since. As he sees her at the grand opening of his hotel, mature and ripe for the taking, Gabe’s sexual feelings returned and heightened. Without knowing about Gabe’s interest, Mia has also disregarded the fact that he’s 14 years older than her. She remembered that she is an adult now, and there is no harm in trying something new. Will they be able to find a way to express their sexual attraction for each other? What are the upcoming events that may lead to the unexpected complications in their lives? Inside this first book of Maya Banks’ Breathless Trilogy, find out their story and unfold the dark secrets that are waiting between them.

Backstage Pass: Sinners on Tour, by Olivia Cunning

The Sinners’ band members have been trying to seduce Myrna Evans (psychologist) ever since she went on-board with the group to study their behavior. Everyone fails at their individual attempts, except for Brian Sinclair, who is everything Myrna wants. As the lead guitarist suffered from a creative block in the past months, everything changed when he and Myrna started getting funky in the sheets. The more they enjoyed their romantic and passionate sex plays, the more Brian planned to have more than just one tour with Myrna. Are you ready for the hot and steamy story that is waiting for you within this book? Read on and buckle up, because Olivia Cunning will take you on a wild ride.

Forever, by Judy Blume

In a short span of time, Michael and Katherine are certain about their feelings for one another. With a mixture of romantic, intense, and sincere moments, the two are sure that their love will last forever. However, as their senior year in high school is slowly coming to an end, the two are preparing for the changes they will face ahead of their life. Will they be able to preserve their love, or is “forever” just another failed promise in their vocabulary? Find out about their love story here in Judy Blume’s heart-melting novel.

Night Shift: A Choose-Your-Own Erotic Fantasy, by Joanna Angel

Taryn Joyner never expected that her life would turn out this way. She is now working in an adult store, surrounded by all kinds of sex toys and paraphernalia, and some of which are uncommon and surprising to her. As a familiar face walks in the store, everything in Taryn’s life changes. How will she cope up with the situation? The choice is up to you! Buckle up for an interactive experience here in Joanna Angel’s Night Shift: A Choose-Your-Own Erotic Fantasy.

Dark Lover, by J.R. Ward

Vowing to take revenge towards the people who murdered his parents, Wrath, the last pure vampire in the world, is ready to lead the Black Dagger Brotherhood into war. However, ever since his best friend and fighter died, he has to take care of the orphaned half-breed that is left in his arms. Growing up with Wrath, Beth Randall is suddenly feeling a new form of hunger that doesn’t seem to be there before. Despite being terrified from Wrath’s stories about the Brotherhood, she seems to enjoy his touch in a more intimate fashion. Will they succumb to this new sensation that’s arising between them? Read J.R. Ward’s Dark Lover and enjoy a classic erotic vampire romance tale.

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, by Anne Rice

Featuring the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty, this book begins with the prince waking up the princess that is cursed to sleep in the castle forever. However, instead of doing it with a kiss, the prince mightily goes through the castle and awakens his beauty in a way that is certainly not friendly for kids. If you are looking for a more steamy rendition of the timeless classic, Anne Rice’s work is absolutely the perfect read for you.

Bared to You, by Sylvia Day

With an endless desire for one another, two unexpected lovers must now find ways to suppress their demons and enjoy the company of each other. Will they force themselves to forget their pasts, or will their traumatic experiences eventually tear them apart? Read on to Sylvia Day’s masterpiece and immerse yourself in a new interpretation of desire.

Finding the right erotic novels can complete your night, especially if you are exploring new experiences. With this selection of best erotic romance novels for 2020, you can really find some spicy books, enjoy reading!