It may not seem too obvious, but diversity has tackled every aspect of life. There are countless gay vampire books out there and they are not necessarily aimed at the LGBT community – in fact, these books will seriously hook you in and give you some good horror vibes, whether they are based on romance, action or pure horror. All in all, from hundreds of books and novels out there, here are some of the best-rated ones.

Undertakers Inc., by JC Compton

The story follows Tim Thompson, a young man with no expectations of life. He is purely waiting to join his family in the grave. But then, some business chooses to hire him and he joins. He realizes that life has much more to offer, such as being reunited with his family or falling for a vampire.

There are no doubts about it – undead life could be difficult and demand a series of struggles. While it looks simple in the first place, it has a lot of secrets to share, especially when your father was a famous dominating vampire. This curse follows Tim throughout his life.

The intrigues associated with the vampire world in England can be quite problematic and Tim meets a series of characters who may not always want the best for him – from vampire hunters and Japanese ghosts to drug dealers. All in all, this story will definitely raise your hair.

Cronin's Key, by N. R. Walker

Detective Alec MacAidan has always had a passion for unusual things. After all, his entire life has brought in a series of events no one could really explain. His life changes when an injured man gives him some horror clues before turning into dust out of nowhere.

Meanwhile, Cronin is a vampire elder. He has been waiting for Alec for hundreds of years. He knew that destiny would bring a man in a shield, but he has never expected a human. Moreover, he has never imagined that this shield would actually be a police uniform with a small badge.

The two end up thrown into an unusual world. Alec realizes that what he learned in school has nothing to do with the actual history. Things fail to make sense, especially as a powerful vampire from Egypt is rumored to try to take over the world.

Hemovore, by J. C. Price

Mark Hansen loves his job as an assistant, especially since the artist is a vampire. On the other hand, Jonathan Varga is a mysterious individual. He is generous and polite, but always quiet. He has no social life whatsoever and he can only have feline blood to feed himself.

The couple has an unusual relationship. Jonathan is a painter dealing with dark paintings, while Mark takes all kinds of insults while trying to keep things neat around. Each of them avoids the other with well-planned movements and it seems to work for them.

It looks like Jonathan is trying to handle a cautious life. However, secrets from his past are slowly emerging and chase him from behind. This is when he realizes that his precautions were not enough to keep the dark secrets away.

Bound by Blood, by Jourdan Lane

Gay paranormal romance has never been more intense. Rave is a nightclub in Houston. It is famous for the beautiful men dancing half-naked, as well as the stunning bartenders. It is suitable for playboys only. It works wonders for Peter, who has a very strict rule about one-night stands.

However, he decides to break this rule for Lucien, who owns a rival gay nightclub – no taboos there. Anyone is free to go into The Den, even vampires. When Peter realizes that Lucien is a vampire, he starts regretting the decision to break his one-night stand rule.

This is when the game becomes both sensual and dangerous. It is all about emotion and heat. Both men end up in trouble. No one approves their relationship either. However, they need to stick together and protect what they truly love. Can they manage?

Notturno, by Z. A. Maxfield

Adin Tredeger has specialized in antique documents. One day, he finds an old journal. Dating five centuries back, the journal looks like the peak of his career. Cautious about the fragile document, he decides to protect it and keep it safe while trying to figure it out.

On the other hand, Donte Fedelta has loved one man in his life. He has documented his love in a well-detailed journal. This journal is finally out there. He is now trying to get it back and he will most likely use any trick in the book to ensure no one gets to read it.

At first glance, Adin looks like an easy victim to an old vampire on a quest. However, he is not willing to give this journal up. Both of them walk into this battle unprepared, only to end up facing an unexpected turn of events when they see each other.

Payback, by Jordan Castillo Price

This is one of the most intriguing gay vampire books if you are after plot twists and unexpected events. The story takes place in Detroit, where pretty men and women end up disappearing from goth clubs. Michael’s friend – Scary May – faces the same fate and no one can really tell what happened.

Michael decides to do whatever it takes to find his best friend and ends up checking old-fashioned medical reports and obscure news. He finally gets some clues to the root of the problem – vampires. He cannot call the cops, as no one will believe him – therefore, he has to handle the situation himself.

Michael is well prepared for this battle, but he never expected to face Wild Bill. Wild Bill is Michael’s type of man though. However, he is a vampire and he will have to overcome his gay paranormal romance fantasies and find out what happened to his friend.

Natural Instincts, by S. J. Frost

Andreas Nikandros is focused on one thing in life – killing a vampire. He believes his sister was killed by this vampire and he knows that the best way to kill a vampire is to actually become one. As crazy as it may seem, he is willing to do anything to get there and complete his mission.

Andreas is a zoologist, so he can take the world from an objective point of view. One thing leads to another and he finds a few clues. However, things take an unusual turn. What he discovers in Titus Antonius Calidus is far from what Andreas has actually expected from this encounter.

Titus has lived for more than 1,000 years. Overtime, he has only fallen for one man. When the two meet, they realize there is more out there than just death and blood. The two realize that they might have something in common and it is worth their time and work.

Lover at Last, by J. R. Ward

Qhuinn is no one’s son. He is used to his lonely life. He has always struggled to find his purpose in life until he realized that he is good at fighting the Lessening Society. His heart struggles and while he is about to have a family, he realizes that his heart belongs to someone else.

Blay, on the other hand, has moved on from his love to Qhuinn. It was the right thing to do, as Qhuinn has found love in a female and they are about to have a child. It is difficult for Blay to see it happening, but he knows that he cannot just crave for a love that will never happen again.

Fate has a different plan for these two. Things escalate, wars start and the two vampires realize that love has a solid definition. When two hearts are meant to be together, they simply cannot be separated. They have to reunite and take their love to another level.

Captive, by Jex Lane

Matthew Callahan has always craved for blood. Over the past years, he has managed to keep his thirst under control. In order to resist his hunger, he lives a lonely life with no social connections.

However, things are about to change when he is taken, prisoner. High Lord General Tarrick is an aggressive leader. He is also seductive and he only feeds with sexual energy. He finds Matthew to be the perfect target.

Ending up in the middle of a war and pushing for his freedom, Matthew realizes that his sexual desire is higher than he thought. He is more attracted than ever to the incubus general who he calls master.


Bottom line, these are some of the most exciting gay vampire books out there. Experience the horror associated with vampires and their desire for blood, but sweetened with love and lust. Many of the above-mentioned titles are part of longer series and collections, so there is always more to explore out there – obviously, starting with the first book is a must.

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