Undertakers Inc. by JC Compton


Undertakers Inc. Book 1

A personal message from the author:

This an action-packed steamy vampire romance set in Victorian London with elements of mystery and horror. It is aimed at everyone of every orientation, with both straight and LGBTQ+ romances, interracial and multicultural romance.

— JC Compton

Tim Thompson is a young man waiting only to join his entire family in the grave. But when he is hired by a mysterious undertaker business, he learns that many things other than death can happen to him, from meeting and falling for an outlaw vampire, to being reunited with his relatives after they emerge from the grave! Undead life is anything but simple, especially when you are the son of an ultra-dominant vampire.

Opium traffickers, vampire hunters, Japanese ghosts: the intrigues of the vampire court of England are complex. “Undertakers Inc.” is a hair-raising journey to the other side of the grave and into a dramatic power struggle between the powers that dwell there.

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