Human sexuality is a complex and personal subject, but it is true that some people have fetishes, which involve a particular fixation or focus on a specific object, body part, or situation to achieve sexual gratification. Here are some common fetishes, described in a respectful and non-explicit way.

In order to further highlight the type of dangerous or fetishes with high risk we put a (!) mark next to each fetish titles if applicapble.


This term stands for bondage, discipline/dominance, submission/sadism, and masochism. This fetish often involves power dynamics, control, and sometimes pain, with consenting partners.

01 Bondage

Bondage typically involves the consensual restraint of a partner for erotic or aesthetic stimulation. Psychologically, it can provide a release of control and the surrender of trust. It can allow for an exploration of vulnerability, dominance, and submission dynamics, and give space for individuals to explore boundaries and experiment with sensations.

02 Spanking

Spanking, when consensual, can release endorphins, much like any other physical exertion. This endorphin rush can lead to a sensation that many find pleasurable. Spanking may also play into power dynamics, with one partner assuming a role of authority.

03 Submission

Submission, in a BDSM context, refers to yielding control to a dominant partner. Psychologically, it can offer a break from everyday responsibilities or pressures, providing an escape of sorts. It's also closely tied to trust, as it requires faith in the dominant partner to respect boundaries and prioritize the submissive partner's well-being.

04 Mistress

A mistress is a term for a female dominant. The role of a mistress can be empowering and allow an individual to express control, authority, and creativity. For those engaging with a mistress, they might find pleasure in submission and the explicit power dynamic.

05 Wax play (!)

Wax play involves dripping hot wax (often from specific, low-temperature candles) onto the skin for sensation play. From a psychological standpoint, it mixes elements of control, trust, and the exploration of pain and temperature as sources of stimulation.

Since the wax is very hot, this type of activity could be dangerous and may permanently burn your skin.

06 Blindfold

The use of blindfolds can heighten the remaining senses, making every touch more intense. Psychologically, it can also play into themes of surrender and control. Not knowing what's coming next can add an element of anticipation and suspense, which some individuals find highly arousing.

07 Breath-play (!)

This is one of the risky forms of BDSM play and involves control over a partner's ability to breathe. The increased risk and extreme trust required in this practice can heighten arousal for some, but it's important that this type of sexual play can be very dangerous. Therefore, it should only be undertaken with extreme caution, a deep understanding of the risks, and established safety measures.

B Fetish Wears

Fetish wear involves the use of specific clothing materials or styles for sexual gratification. It is not uncommon for these materials to overlap with BDSM practices, and individuals may derive pleasure from the sight, feel, or even smell of these materials.

01 Latex-clothing

Latex, a type of rubber, is often used in fetish wear because of its shiny appearance and skin-tight fit. Some individuals are drawn to its sleek look, the feeling of being enclosed, or the way it accentuates the shape of the body.

02 Satin and Silk Fetish

Some individuals are attracted to the feel and appearance of satin or silk. The material's smooth, luxurious texture can be highly sensual, and some people enjoy the visual aspect of shiny satin or soft, draping silk.

03 Spandex and Catsuit fetish

Spandex, or Lycra, is a synthetic fabric known for its exceptional elasticity. Spandex catsuits cover the body from neck to toe, providing a second-skin sensation that some fetishists find arousing. This material can also emphasize physical form, which may contribute to its appeal.

04 Leather Fetish

Leather is a common and classic material in fetish wear. It's often associated with dominance and power in BDSM contexts due to its association with biker culture and the BDSM community. Leather pants, including shiny black leggings, are particularly popular.

05 PVC & Lack Fetish

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and lack (a type of high-gloss PVC) are materials that mimic the look of leather or latex but at a lower cost. These materials have a shiny appearance and are often used in fetish wear due to their suggestive, provocative look.

06 See-through clothing

See-through or transparent clothing, which can reveal what's beneath, can be a fetish for some people. This can invoke feelings of voyeurism or exhibitionism, and it can also create an erotic sense of anticipation.

07 PU Leather, leatherette clothing

PU (polyurethane) leather, or leatherette, is a type of synthetic leather that mimics the appearance and texture of real leather. It's a common material in fetish wear, offering a cheaper and vegan-friendly alternative to real leather.

08 High heels and Boots fetish

Footwear, particularly high heels and boots, can also be a significant aspect of fetish wear. These items can symbolize power and authority, and the act of wearing or worshipping these items can be a form of erotic stimulation.

09 Stocking Fetish

Stockings, particularly those made of sheer material, can be a common fetish. The act of slowly putting them on or removing them can be a part of the allure, as can the sensation of the material against the skin.

10 Nylon Fetish

Nylon, especially when used in hosiery or lingerie, can be a source of arousal for some. The smooth, silky texture of nylon and the way it can accentuate the form of the body may contribute to its appeal in a fetishistic context.

C Role Playing

This fetish involves participants acting out roles or scenarios as a form of foreplay. This could be anything from fantasy characters, to specific situations, to power dynamics. Role playing as a fetish involves participants enacting specific roles or scenarios as a form of erotic stimulation. It can offer an escape from reality, allow for the exploration of different power dynamics, or provide a safe space to act out fantasies.

01 Character Play

This form of role playing involves taking on the roles of specific characters, which could range from fictional characters in a book or movie to more general archetypes like teacher/student or boss/employee. The scenarios can be simple or elaborate, depending on the participants' desires, and can provide a framework for exploring different dynamics, fantasies, or power exchanges.

02 Cosplay

Cosplay, short for “costume play,” involves dressing up as characters, typically from anime, manga, or video games. In an erotic context, cosplay can offer a unique combination of visual stimulation, fantasy fulfillment, and role play. It allows individuals to step outside of their regular selves and into a different character, possibly exploring parts of their sexuality that they wouldn't in their everyday lives.

03 Cross-dressing

Cross-dressing involves wearing clothes typically associated with the opposite gender. For some, this can be an important part of their identity and not just a fetish. In a fetishistic context, it can be arousing due to the taboo nature of challenging traditional gender norms, or because it allows an individual to embody a different role or persona. It can also be part of a power exchange, humiliation play, or other BDSM scenarios.

04 Age Play

Age play involves role-playing different age scenarios, often with one partner taking on a caregiver or authoritative role and the other taking on a younger, submissive role. This type of role play can range from non-sexual and nurturing to sexually explicit. Age play might include behaviors like dressing up, changes in voice, and engaging in activities typically associated with the age being role-played. It's crucial that all age play should be consensual, safe, and between adults.

D Voyeurism

A voyeur derives pleasure from watching others engaging in private acts, like undressing or engaging in sexual activity. As with any fetish, it's important that this is carried out consensually and legally.

There are many different types of fetishes, and everyone's personal tastes and boundaries vary. It's essential to remember that all sexual activity should be consensual, respectful, and within the boundaries of the law. Always engage in open, honest communication with your partner(s) about your interests and comfort levels.

01 Cuckolding

This fetish involves a person, typically a man, gaining sexual pleasure from the idea or reality of their partner engaging in sexual activity with someone else. Cuckolding can often involve elements of humiliation, submission, and voyeurism.

02 Exhibitionism

In contrast to voyeurism, exhibitionism involves deriving pleasure from being watched by others. This could involve engaging in sexual activities while others watch, or even just being nude in a situation where it's appropriate and consensual. Like all fetishes, this must be done with the consent of all parties involved.

E Foot Fetish

A foot fetish is perhaps one of the most well-known fetishes. Individuals with this fetish are often sexually aroused by feet. This could involve foot massages, foot worship, or a particular focus on footwear.

01 Shoe Fetish

Shoes can be an extension of a foot fetish, or a fetish in its own right. High heels are particularly popular in this category, but other types of shoes may also be focused on. The attraction could be to the shape of the shoe, the material it's made from, or the way it makes a foot look.

F Medical Fetishes

These fetishes involve the use of medical scenarios, tools, or costumes for sexual pleasure. This could include anything from doctor-patient roleplay to the use of specific tools.

01 Medical Roleplay

Medical roleplay involves one or more partners acting out medical scenarios. This could involve a doctor/nurse and patient scenario, or could be more specific, like gynecological examinations. The taboo nature of these scenarios can heighten arousal for some.

02 Needle play (!)

This fetish involves the use of needles for sexual stimulation. As with any fetish involving potential harm and other risks, it's not recommended.

G Sensory Deprivation (!)

This type of fetish involves the reduction or removal of one or more of the senses. This could involve blindfolds (also see above), earplugs, or more extreme methods. The idea is to heighten other senses and increase anticipation. It can be a risky practice, so caution and safety measures should be applied.

Final Words

Fetishes are varied and unique to each individual. It's important to remember that all sexual activities should be respectful, consensual, and within the boundaries of the law. Always engage in open, honest communication with your partner(s) to ensure that everyone's boundaries and comfort levels are respected. Enjoying a fetish is a personal and unique experience, but safety and consent should always be prioritized.