Bad Boyfriend by Lexi Hart

A Bad Boy Fake Romance

Bad For Me Series Book 1

He's bad news, but he's also the story she's been waiting for…

Izzy needs to pose as Grayson’s girlfriend for an undercover investigation. The only problem? He’s the bad boy who took her virginity and shattered her heart years ago — and their love story may not be over just yet…

After five years of wasting my Journalism Degree writing an advice column, my editor offers me my first real assignment.

Too bad I’ll have to work alongside a Private Investigator from out of town.

Enter Grayson Cole.

The broody and secretive bad boy who took my V-Card eight summers ago then broke my heart.

After years of hating Grayson for leaving without saying goodbye, now I’m the only person who can pose as his girlfriend.

Between the long hours working together and the public displays of affection, it’s getting harder to tell what’s real.

I need to walk away before history repeats itself.

But when Grayson shows up at my door in the middle of the night and tells me why he really came back…

What started out as fake, becomes dangerously real…

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Excerpt from Bad Boyfriend © Copyright 2023 Lexi Hart

In one slick move, he shoves his phone in his pocket and grabs me so we’re in front of the cabinet.

His hand slides around the back of my neck, and before I can panic, he kisses me hard.

Momentarily caught off guard, I just throw my arms around his neck and press my body against his.

His kiss deepens until our tongues are twisting together, and I’m reminded of just how great a kisser he is.

The lights flicker on, and Grayson pulls away from me with a grunt. I’m so flustered, it takes me a few seconds to collect myself enough to see a man wearing a suit and a hotel name badge eyeing us.

“Excuse me, Mr. Cole, I’m afraid this office is off-limits for guests.”

I glance at Grayson and have to stop myself from laughing at the shade of my lipstick he’s now wearing.

Grayson doesn’t miss a beat; he just grabs my hand and tugs me across the room.

“I won’t mention this if you don’t,” he says as we pass by the hotel porter.

I try for a sheepish smile as we walk past him. “Sorry,” I mouth at the night porter.

As we make it out to the hallway, a half-smothered giggle escapes before I can stop it. “You should probably go to the men’s room before you go back to the party.”

A smile creases his lipstick-smeared mouth before he swipes his hand over it. “Yeah. This isn’t really my shade.”

I snort a laugh and try to laugh off the kiss. But as I head back to the party, I’m well aware that kiss has only stirred a desire for another one.

Not only that but as I pull my mirror out to check my own face, I realize something I didn’t in the heat of the moment.

There was nothing fake about that kiss.