The Lover of The Opera by S.M. Harlow


The Six Rakes of Springfield Book 1

She wants to escape the Ton…
Anita Henderson never thought her family would return to England. Nor did she dream of bouncing back into a world of ballgowns, courting, and the Ton’s most ambitious season to gossip. Their hottest topic? The remarkably extravagant and sinful Lords of London. The Six Rakes of Springfield. But as a gratified wallflower, how was Anita to know that she would soon be plunged into a new dream? An underworld with a masked lover, a secret affair, and a treacherous ploy between love and disgrace.

He never thought to leave his Opera House…
For Bram Williams, nothing plagued him more than meddling chitchat. For most of his life, Bram steered clear of it, only for it to be a hopeless escape. The Ton had set their eyes on him long ago, and from there his reputation was written in stone. His only solace was his Opera House, but even that sealed his name in the books. The Lover of the Opera. Bram never imagined he would be free of the constant schemes of conniving sirens. But nor did he dream of ever finding a lost flower hidden within his desolate realm.

A love that can transcend a dream…
What could Anita and Bram possibly gain from pleasures found within each other’s embrace? A scandal, for certain. A tarnished character, to be assumed. But love was never dreamt. A love, they both knew, that shouldn’t ever be between a respectable Lady of the Ton and a Rakish Phantom. Where could their love stand when all realities force them to remain in the shadows?