The King and His Queen’s Omega by Jon Grace and Charlie Moses


With the threat of war growing near, the young King Marcus is the last in his lineage with a claim to the throne. He must produce an heir.

Newly married, Ana is the woman that Marcus’s father always imagined him with — beautiful, smart, and capable of navigating the unsteady waters of a rocky political climate. She is everything Marcus should want, a neatly wrapped parting gift from the late king before his untimely death.

As changes take form, a strange scent awakens something primal within Marcus… something that leaves his desires defying logic and tests his ability to maintain a royal composure to the very core.

Seth has sworn an oath to Ana. Leaving his family and people behind, Seth keeps his promise and follows Ana to Syrage to accompany her in her new life as queen. Now her chambermaid — the kingdom's dressed-up term for slave — he spends his days catering to his greatest friend's needs; all while being locked in a chastity cage by order of the late king for Ana's “protection.”

When Ana struggles to conceive an heir, Seth notices something that others don’t, and finds ways to bathe Ana in his Omega scent to make her the subject of an Alpha's desire.

Seth knows he is playing a dangerous game. It's only a matter of time before his Omega body betrays them all.

The King and the Queen's Omega is the first in a series of M/M mpreg romance novels that take place in the omegaverse.

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Excerpt from The King and His Queen's Omega © Copyright 2023 Jon Grace and Charlie Moses

As soon as the door closed, I collapsed against it, breathing in as fast and shallow as I could, as though if I didn't take in enough air, the scent of the King would escape before I could capture it fully. I closed my eyes and took in the scent of cedar and sandalwood male flesh; the raw, living scent screamed masculinity and man. There was no way–absolutely no way–I had never noticed the King's scent before. Though, it wasn't as though I made a habit of hanging out in his bedchambers, or any place in the palace that wasn't the Queen's chambers, and she never smelled very strongly of him whenever I came to attend her in the mornings. Maybe it was just my heat that made his scent more potent but…

No, there was no mistaking it. The thick, cloying, oppressive scent of Alpha that clung to the King was indisputable.

And fuck, did it smell good. Like the burn of chilis just on the right side of spicy, like biting into a piece of bloody meat warm from the fire. Like the smell of the air just before it rains. An Alpha's scent was absolute, an inescapable force of will and promise specifically designed to make an Omega roll over and brace themself for impact.

My knees shook and my nails dug into my stomach hard enough to leave marks even through my clothes. The desire to fall to my knees and let the King do whatever he wanted was overwhelming. Even now, I wanted to give chase and beg him back. My hindbrain was whining pathetically for someone that big and strong, someone that capable; someone who could make this terrible emptiness go away.

I was so caught up in the desire that it took me a while to realize that the King was not an Alpha. None of his family were. Not the previous royalty, none of his grandparents, uncles, or cousins. They were all betas, like the majority of the population.

There was no way he'd be presenting Alpha so late, surely? Presentation happened at sixteen, like clockwork for anyone destined to be an Alpha or Omega, and there wasn't a damn thing you could do about it. There would be no reason for the King to hide his status, which meant he had been a beta until…until now.

Something had triggered a late presentation in him. Maybe the stress of his new position, though I couldn't be sure. It didn't really matter to me, except that it made so much sense now why the Queen was no longer able to arouse him in bed. Alphas were capable of having sex with betas, but it was like forcing a dog to live on a diet of vegetables. It was possible, and wouldn't do harm exactly, but at the end of the day a dog wants to eat meat.

And Alphas wanted to fuck Omegas, not betas. The King's indifference to the Queen wouldn't change, no matter how much they both wished for it. Even if they were madly in love, which I knew they certainly were not.

I dragged myself away from the door and back to my cot, collapsing on it with my face buried in my sweat-soaked pillow. My sheets formed a little hump, and I shoved them between my legs to give myself something to grind against. The ache dulls, even though the cage around my cock prevented me from getting hard or coming that way. Sometimes just the pressure was nice, since there wasn't a lot, I could use around here except my own fingers inside me.

Laying there, my mind drifted precisely where I expected it to – back to the King, his broad shoulders and chest wrapped tightly in strong muscle tapering down to a slim waist. He towered over me, his dark skin, the color of smooth umber, glistening like brown gold. I don’t know if there is a such thing as brown gold but seeing him in front of me and breathing in his scent–I would travel the world to discover it. His large lips, lush and inviting, are the soft center surrounded by a square, chiseled jaw. The red ring in his eyes shone bright against the same shade of obsidian as his hair.

He'd be frustrated from no sex; he'd be rough and…and brutal. Probably mean.

I shivered, biting my lower lip, and took a deep breath even as my stomach clenched up and arousal bit painfully down my spine.

Bedding the King was a traitor's ambition, and sure to end with my head on the chopping block if the Queen found out–not that I wanted to have sex with him, that was just my hormones talking. But the Queen needed a baby, and the King would need help to give her one. I could help with that. If the King was presenting Alpha, then he'd react to Omega pheromones. I was already doing her hair and he liked that. If I could spread my scent around to make her smell like an Omega, it would help, and no one would be the wiser.

The plan formed hazily in my head, interspersed with thoughts of the King, wafting in and out of focus like a painting shrouded in smoke. They were pleasant thoughts, even if they only made the gnawing, empty ache inside my stomach worse and worse by the moment.