The Girlfriend Experience in Somosa by Elsa Benedek


An explicit hardcore, dub-con, interracial, Asian, age-gap, taboo novella

Horny sex tourist seeks beautiful, submissive 18-year-old girl? Then join us at Bachelor's Paradise, on the island of Somosa!

Meet Layla: eager to please and obedient before the power of male lust. At Bachelor's Paradise, she trains the sweet Somosan virgins to pleasure the men who have chosen them, using their soft, wet mouths and tight, young bodies.

Meanwhile, her pen-pal Tua is taken home by an American farmer. Her rough and throbbing letters describe a farm where the entire family rides, uses and trains a young bride into submission.

Can Layla submit to the lusty demands of her boss, the clients and the other girls, and still find love?

Will the Somosan virgins allow themselves to be opened and enjoyed?

And finally, will each horny American man meet a girl to take home and serve his needs? Join us in Somosa to find out. We’ll see you there!