Known for her Original Sinners series and one of the best erotica books out there, Tiffany Reisz has also gained notoriety for her two RITA Awards. Her work is better known for incredible depictions of sex, but she is also known for mixing sexual stories with religious accents and themes. All in all, when not sure what books to start with, here are some of the best Tiffany Reisz books to trigger your imagination and sensuality.

The Siren

This is the first of a series of nine erotica books that made Tiffany Reisz famous. The series gained more and more notoriety with every new book in the series, so the first book is the one where you get to meet most characters and find out more about them. It is serious and personal and will bring in a story of intrigue, sexuality and controversy. What else can you ask for?

All in all, the story follows Zachary Easton. Somehow, he is responsible for Nora’s fate. He is a strict British editor and he decides to take Nora’s book over – but then, he asks for one thing in return. He wants full control over the manuscript. He has some crazy standards and exciting ideas, meaning Nora will have to rewrite everything and she only has six weeks to get the job done.

Her writing sessions with the extravagant editor are time consuming, but also arousing. At some point, she finds herself in a dilemma. Should she let her desire take over? Should she focus on her work only? Nora thought she is well versed into anything that involves passion, but this type of relationship is different from anything she has ever experienced.

The Angel

The second book of this series follows Nora Sutherlin. She is now a successful author, but also a dominatrix. This is probably one of the top-rated Tiffany Reisz books – while not mandatory, it would help if you read the previous releases as well. Nora ends up hiding when her lover Søren is about to get a promotion because she knows his fetishes would ruin him if exposed.

She ends up living in Griffin Fiske’s house – an extravagant wealthy man who has no inhibitions whatsoever. She also meets Michael, her travel companion who she ends up protecting due to his innocence. However, Michael is reaching the same place in order to have some training with Griffin and Nora knows that would ruin his inexperienced character.

Nora ends up with sexual thoughts from all directions. She keeps thinking about her partner, but an extravagant man around her could let her fulfill her fantasies. On the same note, she is also attracted to the inexperienced Michael. Her flesh is aching for love, but her mind says no. What is she going to do next?

The Priest

The Priest is the last book in The Original Sinners series and one of the best erotica books from Tiffany Reisz. The story takes place in New Orleans. A local parish priest is found dead. At a first glance, it looks like he committed suicide. The police decides to cease the investigation and close the case, but one detective in particular has another point of view – Cyrus Tremont wants to know more.

The former cop is now a private detective and he sees the signs of a cover up. Something looks fishy and he knows it. As he starts gathering clues, most of them lead to Nora Sutherlin. She is a published writer who loves her side venture as a dominatrix. The two come together in the attempt to find the truth – an unusual bond that seems to actually work.

Nora surely knows everything in terms of pleasure and sex, but she is also a big fan of pain. Cyrus lets himself into her arms and discovers a completely new world. Will he manage to stick to his original plan and actually find the truth about the priest?

The Red

The Red is a mix of erotica, love, thriller and action. It boosts mystery and drama in a unique way – definitely a style that every Tiffany Reisz fan will recognize. Mona Lisa’s story is full of intrigue and hard decisions. Her mother has just passed away and she promised she would do anything to save her mother’s art gallery. However, she is not doing very well financially.

She has an extraordinary painting known as The Red. It is famous and well done. Struggling with money, she realizes that her only choice is to sell it. She finds a buyer pretty fast, but the mysterious man has a different type of offer in mind. He will let her keep the painting if she submits to him for a year. It is not the type of promise she did to her mother, but she did promise to do whatever it takes to save the painting.

The English man is handsome and rich, so she would have loved to have him even without the offer, but she feels like accepting the actual offer will make her feel bad. One thing leads to another and she inevitably ends up accepting one thing after another. Does she actually have a limit? Can she resist her willing flesh?

The Auction

The Auction covers the hottest dating event in New York City. It is held annually and works like a charity. It brings in the hottest singles on the market and everyone knows it will be a success. Daniel is quite new on the market. His life has brought in a series of struggles. His wife has passed away, so he is looking for someone to keep him warm. In bed, Daniel is a dominant.

During the event, he sees Anya. Anya is incredibly beautiful, but she is also quite shy. She is the submissive type. She is Canadian – just like he is. It feels like a perfect match for him, but Anya hates this type of man. She sees him and she knows that she instantly hates him. Now, there is a very fine line between actual hatred and intense sexual pleasure.

Anya believes she hates Daniel, but Daniel aims to do everything he can to bring Anya over and this is how the story begins. There is lots of mystery in this book and even more sexuality and intense sensuality. Will Daniel manage to show Anya that he could be the man she has always dreamed about? Is it going to be a rough relationship? There is only one way to find out.


This is one of the most intense erotica books out there and one of the best Tiffany Reisz books to check out. It follows Beatriz. She is a sex blogger, so she makes money while she has orgasms. She is now looking for an open-minded man who is not afraid to try anything – or better said, everything. Her sister's wedding is approaching, but she has one project to complete.

Beatriz needs to write about a certain sex position manual – quite rare and definitely weird. She has no clue about it, but there is one thing she is 100% sure about – she needs someone to practice all those positions with in order to be able to write about it. Now, Ben is handsome and available. However, Ben refused Beatriz’s offer of a sex night after graduation, so it would be a little awkward.

Now, here comes the great news – Ben is more mature now and definitely not going to pass on the opportunity one more time. This is how a story of love and sex begins and takes the couple through a series of adventures and unusual positions. It is not all about sex, but it also brings in a few intriguing ideas.

Her Halloween Treat

Joey Silvia feels like her whole world collapsed when she finds out that her boyfriend of two years is actually married and has a family. She has no clue how to get over this issue, but she knows for a fact that getting over a man implies getting under another man, so she tries to find a replacement straight away.

Joey decides to turn to her family’s cabin in the middle of nowhere – somewhere in Oregon. It does not sound like the best plan in the world. After all, who is she going to meet there? But then, things turn to 180 degrees when she finds out that this cabin has its own handyman coming over every now and then for small repairs.

Chris Steffensen used to be her brother’s best friend. He is no longer just a random guy, but a piece of meat – muscles, great shape and a beautiful face covered in a masculine beard. He is the ideal treat for her getaway. She sees this adventure as an excellent hookup for a couple of weeks, but Chris has different plans.


Bottom line, these are some of the most intense Tiffany Reisz books and will certainly work your imagination out or turn you on. The author is famous for her erotica books, but these particular releases can take your fantasies over.