Reverse Harem books will usually feature one heroine who is in a relationship with multiple men. They have been around for some time now. You may have previously spotted them with very sexual covers and some of their golden years were the 2000s. However, now they have also changed, been rebranded, and creatively written as authors’ imaginations evolve.

Increased acceptance of different lifestyle preferences and diversification have made these books very popular. Since these books may not appeal to everyone, their covers will always give a warning and specify the appropriate audience. These books may have triggers for some readers, contain explicit language, trauma and abuse and these are some of the factors to consider before you can embark on reading them.

In this article, we highlight and give a glimpse of what we think are some of the intriguing reverse harem books.

Ruthless Crown, by Amanda Richardson

This one is a full-length steamy high school bully reverse harem romance book. This book will draw you in with relatable characters. Page to page, you will not put this one down.

Set in Ravenwood Academy, the “kings” in this book are Ash, Samson, Hunter, and Ledger. They reign over this institution, wreak havoc all over a New England town and are not questioned by anyone. One is the heroine’s stepbrother and the headmaster’s son and this makes them untouchable.

Briar Monroe is fighting hard to move from past trauma and wants to remain under the radar and eventually graduate. However, when she gets into this school, she discovers these four kings. They can try to torment and break her, but they have no idea what she has endured. Should she keep her mouth shut? Should she let them win? Briar is however not afraid of getting her hands dirty. She is used to it. There is no way they are going to run her. She is also independent and fierce.

When her past starts to frequent her, these boys must do all they can to protect her; their feisty queen. They are all pulled to her and do not know why or even how to deal with the situation.

This story is packed with intense chemistry among the characters, strong emotions, immense passion, drama, bullying, and love.

Dark Devotions, by Nichole Greene

A dark reverse harem book that will blow you away and leave you hooked to the core. Being a strong woman who has gone through a lot of suffering, Olivia has now gotten the chance to escape her sadistic husband. She has suffered beatings, is scarred, and is emotionally traumatized. She is immensely broken and has no money.

Having nowhere else and nobody else to turn to, she seeks out the four men who always kept her safe when they were young; Nolan, Sawyer, Lake, and Grant. They are very different but still very similar. They were all her best friends, she considered them family, and were also her soulmates. She loved all these men at the same time. Can they all join hands and help her heal from her brokenness and damage? Is there a chance that she will fall for them after being captured by the devil’s embrace?

When Olivia comes back, these four men get themselves into a vengeful plot for the man that tried breaking her. Each one of them has unique and defining personalities and skills but lack one essential one, they cannot resist Olivia who needs them the most. They cherish and love everything about her. Swearing to protect her, things are getting blurry. Secrets are unfolding and all these hearts are in danger.

You will love how all the characters have been written and it will be amazing to see how they are all formed and grow as a unit.

Marked Omega, by Lizzy Bequin

Marked Omega is not your typical alpha and omega story. This one is fantastic. It features an AI and typical scientists that are seeking a way to dominate the earth.

Lily has gone on a supposed rescue mission in a quarantine zone. She knew this was not a good idea but she never expected to find herself restrained as a bait to entice the Alphas. Very soon, her body will exhibit an estrus from the prevalent pheromones. She will no longer be able to hide her body’s urgent desire. She is aware of all that will take place as she is knowledgeable about the cataclysm.

These beasts will get to her from the cravings of an omega’s flesh and claim her. In the most unimaginable and shameful of ways, they will use her and each one will also have a share of her body for their ferocious pleasure. However, she will love it. They are more than one and are now almost getting to her. Her time is almost up.

Alphas are meant to be too dominant and they will usually objectify the omega. The twist is that these alphas are different from the typical feral ones. They want Lily to want them too, just like they dominantly want her. A strong bond will be created in this post-apocalyptic world.

Everybody Breaks, by Kerry Taylor

Emilia Gallo is fully aware of what darkness is. It has controlled and abused her throughout her life. She has lived entrapped in the evil ways of her father and her only help is her selfish and weak mother. She lives incessantly afraid of what each new horrifying day will bring. However, she has learned to live in this terrible experience.

When her father sets on giving her to an Albanian Mafia, she is certain that in no time, these monsters will win and break her. An unforeseen chance to escape grants her the chance to flee. She only has little money, a few belongings, and a letter about what she hopes for. In her new world, she discovers a new friend, finds a job, and a homely place.

She finds Nico, her unknown brother who she never knew about. Nico’s teammates and brothers, Parker, Lincoln, and Jax immediately feel an attraction towards her on meeting her and she too shares the connection. They safely keep her and ensure that she feels whole in an unexplainable way. She now wants and needs them all but they do not like sharing.

Caught up between the close monsters, a bewildering attraction, and past trauma, everything is not what she anticipated. Will she strongly fight this mix up with these men by her side?

Destructive, by Lola Finn

It is said that whenever you try to hide something, the one’s likely to discover the secret are attracted like a magnet. Moreover, what should a girl do when she is hiding something and there are crazy, sexy, and irresistible men that are hell-bent on finding the secret? They have muscular strength and are dirty talkers. They are unusually hot and the most notorious in Harem Cove.

Three best friends, Brex, Sutton, and Asher share an intense attraction for Luna, the resort’s yoga instructor.  She is hiding from her past life which has now caught up with her while she is just discovering love. All of these guys want to share her in spite of them knowing that she has a hidden secret that she is not revealing. They convince themselves that what they are experiencing is just a summer fling. Luna does not want to know them beyond a hook up as this would endanger them all.

When her past life cannot remain hidden, she learns that all these men completely have her back. She is the best thing that happened to them and they cannot lose her.

For the lovers of reverse Harem, Destructive is a steamy reverse harem story that has it all.

Fractured, by Blake Blessing

Just for a moment, think about the beauty that can come out of broken pieces. This gripping read will have you questioning everything in your quest to find out more.

In this reverse harem story, we meet Lilith. She is the product of a mother who suffers from a mental illness and her father is bipolar. Her mother is also a very evil human and her father does not even love her enough. She fears that she might turn out like her mother and questions herself and the decisions she makes every day. Could these be signs that she could be crazy? Could they be red flags? She will not allow herself to see these aspects closely but also, she is certain that she is not and refuses to turn crazy.

Saint, Atticus, Ambrose, and Kenzo show up just when she needs them. These men are supportive, protective and to top it all, they offer her everything she never had. However, they are not conventional. She needs to be the kind of person they need her to be and she needs it too. Now she is afraid that she is crazy. This tight-knit group now begins to accept this harem relationship with no awkward transitions.

You will be hooked to this poly romantic story, twists, and betrayals. You will not even be ready for the killer cliffhanger ending.

Signs of Cupidity, by Raven Kennedy

If you love fantasy reverse harem accompanied with humor, you need to read Signs of Cupidity.

In the book, we meet Emelle; she is a loyal cupid and a hopeless romantic with a lot of bitterness towards romance, having had a lonesome existence. Cupids cannot touch, taste, smell, and no one can hear them. She only speaks to others when taken to the headquarters, mostly for reprimands.

It is when she is promoted to the Fae realm that things begin to change. During her early days there, she thinks that a royal pairing is the easiest thing she has ever had to do. However, things are now going down the drain very fast. It is when she snaps and now getting a corporeal form after being hit by a magic mojo that she starts to run for her life.

She lands on a different island occupied by three Genfin males- Evert, Sylred and Ronak. They are highly attractive but seem suspicious too. Emelle now has an actual body and you definitely can guess what this means. It is her turn to experience some love. After all, what is all this romance fuss? You will have to get into reading to see what Emelle discovers.

Dying to Love, by Reese Rivers

Dying to love can be simply described as a woven piece of blended humor, action, strong feelings, immense tension, and all the steam that comes with a reverse harem. The book has a zombie apocalypse theme with a twist. Ever thought zombies would make several cameos?

Kelsey has survived the apocalypse and her friends who helped her thrive in a new world are now gone. She is mentally broken with extreme anxiety and has been alone for more than a year. She is trying so hard to find the motivation to keep pushing. It is up until four sexy men climb her fence-Linc, Oliver, Devin, and Grayson. They are in search of a sanctuary. Frequented by her best friend Tara, she must now make a choice. Will she keep dying bit by bit or will she pick up what these guys are offering her and probably find love.

Unlike other bloody and gruesome zombie stories, this one is funny and these overprotective men just want to take care of Kelsey. It also features tons of steamy sex scenes behind the double fences.

Written in an unusual style with so much relatability, you will greatly enjoy this one.


Reverse Harem books are hardly new book genres. They have been around for a while now but have also greatly evolved in writing, plot, and character development. These books may contain content that does not appeal to specific audiences and therefore, you must read the cover before you can get engaged. For those that love reverse harem books or those that are just getting into it, give our collection a try if you haven’t.