The Awakening by Paul Eva


Once dead. Now, alive, trapped on an island and forced to breed for their escape

Did you ever dream or fantasize about what it would be like to one day awaken in a young, healthy body all alone on a deserted island except for a sexy, attractive person beside you to fulfill your every desire. If you have, you are definitely not alone. Like you the main character in the story, John Smith, has had that fantasy ever since he was a young man and he has never forgotten or abandoned it for his entire life! Then one day he dies and is reanimated into a world where his fantasy finally becomes true, or does it?

The story opens when John awakens and is reborn into the body of a young, handsome man in his early twenties. As he stares at his new reflection in the mirror, he realizes he is no longer dying on a hospital bed where he is close to being 100 years old. There he meets Dolly who equally has also been revived some 300 years after her death. They both find themselves in young, healthy, naked bodies on a deserted island with only each other, a fishing pole and a knife, a small hut, and no clue as to why they are there, who brought them back to life or why they have been reanimated. The story is a journey in their quest to find an answer to why they were reanimated and in finding a possible escape from their island captivity. From their first steps out the hut as they venture to find food and water, they slowly discover one clue after another that not only leads them from their original hut to the discovery of an abandoned cave and later to a boat that doesn’t provide an escape. There discoveries lead to more clues and eventually it slowly becomes evident that their captors have a hidden agenda for their revival. Soon they realize they are trapped by their captors for no other possible purpose but to breed and have children. Will breeding lead to their eventual escape and of their children? They can only hope it will.

For those of you that love a romance and a mystery this story has both. The first part of the story is your classic romance. Two completely different people find themselves alone on a deserted island to fend for themselves with only each other to survive. From the comedy of John not knowing the first thing on surviving in a jungle to a developing love for each other with each passing day and solved clue. The second part of the story is a good old-fashioned mystery in how each clue and discovery brings them closer to each other and the hidden agenda of their captors. The story also features several colorful erotic scenes for the discriminating adult reader. In the end, like in all good mysteries, the story leads to an unexpected twist and a diabolical ending that keeps the reader at the edge of their seats.

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