There’s always a good feeling attached to reading stories that make you hold your breath and keep your eyes wide open. Your pulse racing and your mind can’t stay still, thinking about the possible routes the story will enter. This, my friend, is the exact euphoric feeling of reading a thriller book. But what if you can still switch things up a little higher than usual?

Aside from the thrilling scenes, you can add a little spiciness to your evening too by buying the erotic thriller books from best-selling authors! If you don’t have any idea what to purchase, then we’re here to assist you with the list of best erotic thriller books this 2020. Read the book suggestions below and brace yourself for the hottest stories in the market!

The Chateau, by Tiffany Reisz

Kingsley Boissonneault is a top lieutenant for a French military service who does everything they command to him from spying on strangers to killing law offenders. However, things start to maneuver when the nephew of his commanding officer disappears in a sex cult and he’s assigned to save him from the possible dangers. What Kingsley discovers startles him even more. The cult’s sacred book is about sado-masochism, a world where men are slaves to women.

When Lieutenant Kingsley enters this new world, he meets the woman of power, beauty, and wisdom named Madame. While little by little enjoying his time with this woman, Madame offers him the life he wants, but in exchange for the life of someone he loves the most. The question is, what would his decision be?

Bound By Temptation (Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles Book 4), by Cora Reilly

Romero takes Liliana Scuderi’s breath away in the first meeting. Now, Liliana thinks its true love she finds with the guy. She instantly wants him to be her groom, thanks to the inspiration her sisters give her as they marry the men they love. However, things suddenly go haywire in Liliana’s life.

Her father wants her to marry someone way older than her, and that decision is final. On the flip side of the coin, Romero admits that he has secret feelings for Liliana even though the girl is engaged to someone. Will they be able to fight for the love buried between them? Read this enchanting story by Cora Reilly to know the next events!

The Dare: A Dark Erotic Novella, by Harley Laroux

Be careful who you bully now because you might end up wanting them tomorrow. That’s the lesson Jessica Martin learns when she encounters Manson Reed in the same Halloween event. Well, Manson Reed is her favorite victim. A person that she thinks as such a freak to be close to her.

When the group plays Drink or Dare, Manson wins over Jessica which means that she now needs to take the dare. The biggest surprise is that the dare requires Jessica to be Manson’s slave for a night. With her curiosity and pride to prove that she can handle the situation, Jessica agrees to be with Manson and take all his commands upon her. Will the two finally give in to the desires of their body? Read this page-turner by Harley Laroux to find out.

The Virgin Next Door: a Menage Romance (Stud Ranch Standalone Book 3 by Stasia Black

An unlikely trio to end up in one bed. Stasia Black allows us to delve into the world of Mack, Liam, and Callas who meet each other in an unexpected twirl of time. The story begins with the introduction of the three characters: one rich guy who pretends as a poor man, an ex-con who carries an embedded chip on his body, and a virgin girl who is now homeless and needs to find money to support his father who doesn’t even give a damn to her. It’s as if the universe allows the three to meet for a special reason.

Mack knows that he wants Callas to be his, but Liam is not letting him. In the battle between two men, Callas secretly wants the attention she’s not used to before because of the way she dresses to impress her father. However, a surprising event startles Callas when Mack invites her and Liam inside a hotel. What do you think would happen there?

Medical Presentation: Werewolves, Public Humiliation, Shifter (Dirty Doctors Book 2), by Kitty Milkin

It’s just an innocent application at first, but then Clementine thinks that things are turning the wrong way. It all starts when she volunteers to play the role of a guinea pig in an experiment by the researchers in her university. As collateral, her tuition and other expenses would be fully paid. When the experiment officially starts, the researchers begin with testing concoctions to finally ‘throwing' herself onto the university Dean.

Not just it, but the experiment leads to using different instruments to explore her body while other students watch the whole scene. She admits that after all, she doesn’t mind the humiliation if the level of pressure feels like this one. There’s nothing she can do now but to surrender to the hands of the doctors and professors that captivate her. See what happens next by reading this steamy novel by Kitty Milkin.

Hunting at Futanari Manor: Gender Swap and Futanari Erotica, by Kelsey Fraley

Evan knows that his desired house is haunted and filled with unknown spirits, but still, he pushes to own the house. With a generous price, he now gets the dream home he’s always wanted. So what if there are ghosts, right? It’s not as if Evan believes in those stories. But suddenly, all his beliefs are shaken by the futanari spirits.

The conflict starts with the strange noises he always hears when he wanders around the house. Then finally, the ghost reveals herself as a hot and desireful woman that Evan immediately wants to try. However, when the second ghost appears in front of Evan, that’s when he starts to hesitate about the house. Should Evan give up the house or pursue it? Find out the answer by reading the next chapters of this book by Kelsey Fraley.

His Captive Mortal: A Vampire Romance, by Renee Rose

The long wait is over for the struggling vampire who, for centuries, searches for the thing that can finally free him. Until one day, he sees a potential woman who'll give him the liberty he always wanted. Now, he has the woman but she doesn’t know how to exactly offer the freedom he needs. What a waste.

But he will not let the woman go until she discovers the right thing to do. For the woman, it’s not just about freeing him anymore. An unfortunate human being who falls in love with a dangerous predator indeed. Indulge yourself with the next events by reading this erotic novel by Renee Rose.

All The Lies (Mindf*ck Series Book 4), by S.T. Abby

In a town full of lies and pretentious people, you can find a man that never believes how powerful love can be. He thinks that all the things around him are just a plain portrayal of deepening secrets of the town until she meets Lana.

However, blinding love can lead you to dangerous roads of life, and that’s what exactly happens to him. Not knowing where love would lead him, his journey with Lana goes on until one surprising revelation. Find out more by reading All the Lies by S.T. Abby.

Wolf's Bite (Mafia Monsters Series Book 4), by Atlas Rose

If you are the type who likes stories about Mafia, wars, and bizarre creatures, then this one is perfect for you! The conflict of the story starts when a man desperately wants to get The Costellos for his vengeance.

But then, events start to change as war erupts that will trigger the characters to make a decision. Will they go with what their minds say about the situation or will they contain their impulse for a peaceful outcome? Read more about this thrilling story by Atlas Rose.

The Virgin and the Beast: a Dark Beauty and the Beast Tale

Another masterpiece by Stasia Black, this book starts with the story of a woman who agrees to a contract to serve the man who requires her an heir. She lets the man treat her as his slave in exchange for a generous amount of money. However, she’s starting to not like his treatment as days pass by. Is there any way she could resist the clasp of the man she’s serving?


Do not just stay with the regular thriller books when you can improve things in unexpected ways! With this list of the best erotic thriller books of 2020, you can now turn your dull nights into exciting ones. Remember, we need to spoil ourselves a little from time to time, and the best way to do that is by grabbing the most exciting books to spice up your day. So sit back, relax, and get ready to delve into different stories that will foster your fantasy!