Surprise Baby For My Grumpy Boss by Ivy Snow


Getting stuck with a billionaire god in a single-bed hotel room wasn’t part of the plan.

I was offered the job of a lifetime – working as an assistant for an irritatingly handsome CEO. But my boss is impossible to please.

He's moody, grumpy, and has a temper that puts a volcano to shame.
But his broad chest, diamond-cut abs, and piercing dark-blue eyes turn me into a teen.
No no no, I shouldn’t have a relationship with my boss!

When we were thrown together in a single-bed hotel room on a business trip…
I was sure our relationship would turn into a crazy hot mess.

But then… he caught me off guard.
He shed off layers of icy-cold armors that made my heart clench and my panties melt.

Juuuust as I was about to learn his secret, his crazy ex ambushed us.
I should end this off limits relationship with my boss and put it behind me ASAP.

The only problem?
I’m pregnant.


Excerpt from Surprise Baby For My Grumpy Boss © Copyright 2023 Ivy Snow

Chapter 1


I took a jagged breath as I held my clipboard to my chest and pushed the door to Chase's office open. His chair faced the window, and I could smell lavender incense burning—a sign he was stressed and would need sex with me to relieve the pressure. A tingle started in the pit of my stomach, traveling down my legs as I placed the clipboard on his desk.

“Today's schedule,” I mumbled weakly as I stepped back. For a moment, silence ensued, coaxing me to turn around and head back to my desk. Surely, if I made it back to my desk quickly enough, I could convince myself I was a regular assistant, just like all the other blank-eyed women working in the building. However, my fate was sealed as my boss, Chase Evergreen, whirled around in his chair to face me. He stared right through me, almost like he could tell I was wearing the lacy red thong he ordered me to wear every Monday.

A smirk danced on his lips as he pressed his finger to them. His eyes trailed down my body, taking in my skirt and pantyhose and stopping at my battered work heels.

“What did I tell you about wearing those?” he growled as his smirk tightened into a scowl. Without thinking, I immediately kicked off my heels.

“S-sorry,” I stammered.

Why was I giving in to him so easily? I was an educated woman with a degree from an Ivy League school and had taken care of myself since I was a kid. What about this man made me act like a helpless child?

The answer to that was easy, although I didn't want to admit it to myself: The man was good-looking. No, not just good-looking—gorgeous. Six-foot-three with broad shoulders, a sculpted body, and icy-blue eyes you could drown in. He was a known playboy who used women and threw them away, yet impossible to resist. However, I needed to try for my sense of pride. “This can't go on anymore,” I said. “I am not your sex toy that you can summon whenever you need. I simply want to do my job and then go home at the end of the day like everyone else.”

The words flew out my mouth before I could stop them, yet Chase didn't bat an eye. He rose from his chair, pushing his dark hair out of his eyes, and approached me like a wolf about to attack its prey. I held my breath as he approached, practically licking his lips.

“You want to stop… this?” Chase questioned while gripping my collar. He dragged his index finger across my collarbone and up to my lips.

“We have to,” I managed to say. I knew he was calling my bluff. He put one hand behind my back and drew me close to him.

“You can leave whenever you want,” Chase said, his face millimeters away from mine.

“I… I…”

“You don't want to leave, do you? Chase said as he lifted me onto the desk, raising my skirt. Chase swiped his fingers between my legs and snickered. “You're panties are soaking wet already. That tells me you want to stay.”

I heard him unzip his pants, and before I had the chance to say anymore, he plunged his huge member into me. I gasped, and he slapped his hand over my mouth.

“Quiet now. Just as I trained you,” he panted as he pounded in and out of me. Pleasure rippled through me as his hands groped my breasts, squeezing them until I bit down on his arm. I gripped his desk as I fought the urge to cry out.

“Ow!” he cried and slapped me hard across the face, bringing tears to my eyes. “You bitch! Now you've got it coming.”

“Chase, wait. Stop. You can't…”

“I can, and I will,” he snarled. “I'm the boss.”

And with that, he turned me over, lifted me, and shoved me against the wall. I could see the fury burning in his eyes, or was that desire?

“I make the rules. I call the shots,” he sneered angrily. “Now, turn around.” He flipped me around, pinning my hands to the wall above my head, the position he liked most. I felt him grind against me as he pressed himself into me. I felt every inch of me stretch to accommodate his girth. Chase held my hips as he slammed into me.

But instead of enjoying it, I began to disassociate. While my body was being ravaged, my mind wandered back to my childhood. You'd never guess it from where I was now, but I grew up in a small Florida town and was raised conservatively. My mom left my dad and me when I was fourteen, which made me kind of shy. My dad always told me I was too kind for my own good and would get my heart broken one day, and that's what happened. My first boyfriend in high school broke up with me because I wouldn't go all the way with him. I was humiliated and buried my nose in my books until graduation. I figured if I got good grades, I could get into an Ivy League school and get a good job in a big city like Los Angeles. That's why my job at ChaseCo, Chase's company, was so appealing to me. But never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that part of my job would be having crazy sex with my boss!

When Chase first interviewed me, I figured he hated me. He sat at the end of a large conference table with his arms folded tightly across his chest. He wore a gray suit jacket and a baby blue button-up, bringing out the color of his eyes. I was so nervous I could have puked, but I did my best and tried to appear more confident than I was. It took months of interviews and working at a shabby coffee shop before I finally got an email telling me the job was mine. Unfortunately, that was the easy part.

Chase didn't go easy on me during my first few days in the office. He made impossible demands and tended to be very grumpy in the morning. This only made me grow more anxious around him. The most minor mistakes resulted in him yelling at me and wagging his finger in my face as if I was a little kid. I couldn't tell if there was a part of me that liked to be pushed around by him or if I just really liked him, but his tone of voice and the way he glared at me as he yelled made him even more attractive to me. Of course, it wasn't just the way he looked at me when he yelled that I liked. I liked everything about Chase Evergreen.

I studied him like a book during the interviews to be his assistant. I found out he was a native of Los Angeles and was the youngest son of toy business mogul Adam Evergreen. He'd gone to college at Oxford in London, and he was extremely intelligent, well-read, and charming. When it came to his romantic life, he was a known playboy who'd had numerous romantic flings, most notably with models and actresses. I'd even read that some of his exploits had ended up in the tabloids. In short, everyone associated him with LA and life in the fast lane.

But life in the fast lane wasn't exactly my speed. That's why, even as Chase was hammering away at me, it still stunned me. I couldn't believe that someone like Chase would desire me, could look at me with such intensity that I couldn't turn away.

It started with him brushing past me in the coffee room, pressing his hand on the small of my back. He quickly moved it when I jumped, but our eyes met as the forbidden touch created heat between us. Then when I had to stay late to organize documents for him, he leaned over me. I could smell his cologne mixed with his natural musky scent. When I looked into his eyes, he took my chin in his hand and gently kissed me for the first time. That was all it took. In between that and where we were currently, there had been many days when all I had to do in the office was show up to satisfy Chase's sexual appetite.

I told myself repeatedly that to get to where I wanted to go, sacrifices had to be made. But who was I fooling? I enjoyed every second of my time with Chase Evergreen, no matter how much I tried to deny it.

Chase climaxed on my back and handed me a warm towel to wipe myself off. As I pulled my clothes back on—I didn't even remember him taking them off—I watched Chase change into clean pants while avoiding my eyes. It was no secret that he was not into open displays of affection. I tried everything in the book to get him to open up, but he always shut me down.

“You're able to take more of me from the back now,” he stated matter-of-factly as if he were reporting on the weather. “That's good.”

I reached into the closet behind his desk to pull out an outfit identical to the one I came in wearing. One of Chase's rules was that I needed to have a duplicate of every outfit just in case sex ruined my clothes. At first, I thought it was a silly idea until one time, I didn't have a duplicate outfit, and one of the receptionists from the fifth floor commented, asking if I had gone for a run on my lunch period. It was the last time I disregarded one of Chase's suggestions.

“It's not hard to do,” I commented as I pulled on my fresh clothes.

“That's not what you said a month ago,” he said as he zipped up pants identical to the ones he was wearing earlier. At least he followed his own advice. It made me wonder how many times he had done this with other women. “It's time we start figuring out how to get you used to anal.”

I groaned, but he ignored it.

“I've been researching a really good lube that would loosen you up—” He stopped in response to my facial expression.

“Sorry, is this uncomfortable for you?” he asked.

I shrugged. “No, why do you ask?”

Chase's face softened slightly. “It only works if we're both really into it, Cara.”

Once I was fully dressed, I checked my face in the mirror next to his couch, then started to head toward the door. I knew exactly what Chase was looking for—someone to fuck who didn't require too much maintenance but who could also be enthusiastic and go along with his fantasies. I didn't enjoy the rough sex as much as he did, but I went along with it because the crush I had on Chase was deepening each time we had sex. But I wanted more of him. I wanted to know about his passions, his favorite foods, his favorite color, and his favorite movie. Despite having done a deep dive into him, I could find no information on his family, his college days, or who or what had turned him into the cold-hearted, sex-crazed maniac he was today.

As I put my hand on the door to leave, I looked over my shoulder. Chase had an odd look on his face. It wasn't a look that said he wanted to have more sex, but rather one that hinted he wanted to say more but didn't know how. That was usual for Chase. Words weren't exactly his strong suit when it came to me or women in general.

“I guess I'll see you later?” I asked.

Chase nodded, then walked over to his desk, slid down in his chair, and opened his laptop. That meant I was dismissed, our session was over, and it was time for me to return to my real job as his assistant.

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