Resisting My Lion Captors by Lilly Wilder


Lion Pride Book 1

The lion shifters want me.

When a rival pack attacked my pride, I ran for my life.
I ended up in a whole new world.

But instead of finding freedom, I became a captive.
My lion shifter kidnappers want to become my lovers.
They want to mate with me.

I’m speechless.
I’ve never been with anyone, let alone two alpha lion shifters.
I’m not ready for this.

And yet their scent is tantalizing.
Their warm hands ignite a desire within me.
And their lips push me over the edge.

All I wanted was to find a way home.
But the longer I stay with these lions, the more I wonder if they’re my new home.

I’m terrified of the answer.
Terrified of what the future holds.

Can my captors and I find a way to be together or will we be torn apart?


Excerpt from Resisting My Lion Captors © Copyright 2023 Lilly Wilder

“I’ve waited so long for this moment. I’ve waited my whole life for this moment,” Stevie moaned. I arched my neck back, feeling every muscle in his body tighten, as though all the aches of the world were contained within him. I felt the same myself, this fire that came with every kiss, this lightning that crackled within my mind, a fervent storm that rampaged within me. The lion inside me wanted to roar, but this was not a time for the lion, it was a time for the girl. Stevie’s lips left kisses against my pale skin, while his hands pawed at my clothes, eager to peel them away. I could feel the anticipation and the excitement in every breath, and it was mirrored in my own. Oh, I had been a good girl, waiting until I came of age to mate, just as my family wanted. It hadn’t always been the easiest thing to do, but I had been responsible, and now it was time to let the devil out of me. I could feel the heat rushing through me, this thrilling, mysterious, trembling sensation that left me reeling and soaring. As I closed my eyes, it felt as though there were a hundred hands upon me, his breath was a scorching wind, and my body was ready to erupt in fire.

I pressed my body close to him and ran my hands all over him, feeling the swollen arousal that I had felt many times before, only this time I actually got to see it and play with it. It felt as though I was stepping into a new world, the adult world, leaving my childhood behind. I was about to become a woman in every aspect, finally pushing away the shackles of innocence. His hands were eager, running over my breasts. This was my favorite top, but in the moment I didn’t care. He could rip it away for all I cared. He could tear me apart.

As we kissed, I rolled on top of him. I locked my arms around his head, while his hands rested against the small of my back, my raven hair falling over his fingers. I ground myself against him, eager to feel the heat and the anticipation of what was going to come next. We were done with childish games. This was the real deal, and I was ready.

Of course, Mom had been telling me that I should be careful, that I was only going to get one first time and I should make sure that it was with someone who really cherished me. Dad would have preferred me to stay a virgin for the rest of my life, I think, at least that’s the way he acted sometimes. I was done with waiting though. It already felt as though I was behind my friends. I couldn’t wait to tell them about this. Stevie was good enough. I didn’t love him or anything, but he was hot and he was a good kisser, and just by the way he looked at me, I knew he worshiped me. I giggled and lost myself in the throes of passion as I reached down and started to unbutton his pants.

And then I heard it.

It was like a thunderstorm, but instead of emerging from miles away, creeping across the horizon, it came upon us immediately. There were roars and a stampede. I rose, fear crawling through my heart. Stevie and I ran to the window and saw a pack of lions pouring through our settlement. These were mean and savage, far bigger than normal lions.

“It’s the Night Fangs. They’ve finally come,” Stevie said. I could feel the fear in his voice. It was reflected in mine.

“What? No. But there’s been no warning. I thought we had a pact?”

“The pact means nothing to them. We should have been ready for this. Fuck. We need to get out of here,” Stevie said.

“We can’t go out. We have to fight.”

“There’s no fighting them. You know what they’re like. You know what they can do. We have to go. If we run now, we can make it,” Stevie said. He was already moving towards the door. I looked out at the scene of carnage. The people of my pride shifted into lions, golden maned and proud, not that it did them any good. The Night Fangs were brutal. They killed us on sight. Some never had the chance to shift, some were killed in the middle of shifting, their bodies half human and half lion, their eyes glassy.

“You do what you want Stevie, but I need to see Mom and Dad,” I said, and pushed past him. He muttered, but he didn’t follow me. As I stepped outside, I was blasted with hot air. It was night. The air was supposed to be cool. I smelled the blood rising in the air, the blood of my pride. Anger was a tight ball inside my chest. Tonight of all nights. Couldn’t they have waited until I had fucked Stevie?

I clenched my jaw and kept low. I ducked in between our buildings. I could hear the sickening sound of fighting, of teeth sinking into flesh, of dying wails, the thunder of bodies collapsing to the ground, never taking a breath again. I had my whole life ahead of me. It wasn’t supposed to end in some onslaught by a rival pride.

I kept to the shadows and ran home pushing through the door. Mom and Dad were there. They rushed towards me and embraced me.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“You need to go, Kara,” Dad said.

“What? No. I need to stay and fight. We’re all needed.”

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