Opportunity’s Knocking by Foxey Belle


When Haleigh Morgan moves into her new house, she’s not expecting the level of work it needs. Realizing she’s in over her head, she turns to a local contracting agency for some much-needed assistance. But when the head contractor Ethan Lind arrives to get his hands dirty, there is a problem. He’s the most attractive man she’s laid on eyes since her divorce, and she’s thrown into a fantasy. He’s strong, rugged, and dripping with southern charm that makes her swoon.

Ethan’s a hard worker, with professionalism and chivalry at the forefront of his actions. He’s had little interest in the local dating scene, yet it feels like it all could change when he looks at Haleigh. His struggle grows as she works hard to entice him. Fighting off the temptation to indulge in something hot and heavy with his new client proves to be far easier said than done. Confliction plagues him as he’s forced to choose between his desire and moral compass. Before he knows it, he’s assisting her with more than just home improvement.

Little does Haleigh know, there’s resentment brewing in him, and she’s about to taste a brand new flavor of Ethan Lind.


Excerpt from Opportunity's Knocking © Copyright 2023 Foxey Belle

“Is that all?” I ask.

“Yes,” she says. I see her saving the updated document and sending the email with the correct report. “One more thing though,” she ponders and presses her finger to her lips.


Haleigh stands up and starts walking to her bed. I sense the one more thing has nothing to do with work, but I wait to see what she has up her sleeve. My pants are already growing tighter as she is walking. My throbbing cock makes me think of how embarrassing it would be if she truly had a non-sexual thing for me to help her with. It’s all so wrong, but what’s left of my control is dwindling.

She turns now and sits on her bed.

“Ethan?” she says softly, then lies down slowly.

She’s perched on her bed now and sitting with her knees up.

My hands cover my erection, but it’s a sad attempt to conceal the rage trapped inside these god-forsaken pants.

“Do you like the taste of fresh peaches?”

I grit my teeth together and fight the urge to ask her what the hell she’s asking.

“I guess”, I shrug.

“How do you prefer them? Nude or with fuzz?” Haleigh asks and the naughty sparkle glistens in her eyes.

I can hear my pulse in my ears, and I press on, staring her in the eye and clenching my teeth. My breaths quicken, and I can’t open my mouth for fear of what I might say.

She continues despite my silence. “To be honest,” she pauses, “I only have one peach.”

She pulls her chemise up to her chest and bares her lower body.

No, she is wearing no bra and her breasts are there for me to see, in all their perfect glory. She’s wearing a joke of a thong, with a triangle that barely covers her pussy, which thankfully is not nude.

Then she opens her legs to trace little circles on her inner thigh with her fingertips.


I am walking to her like a man possessed. Resisting her appeal is like trying to hold back a tide. Impossible. This beautiful sinister woman. She is everything any man could want. And she’s ripe for the taking. She is tormenting me. She must know I am not ready. I have been trying so hard to ignore her advances, to show I am not the one for her, yet here I am staring at her beauty.

“Would you like to taste me?”

My dick throbs harder at her question. I don’t even need to catch a glimpse of her sweet pussy in order for my body to respond again. She lures me in, and suddenly I’m on my knees and pulling down her thong.

I can’t believe my eyes when I get a look at her. She’s already so wet and swollen for me.

“Taste me, Ethan. Please taste me,” she says and licks her lips in the most shameless way possible.

She’s aching to be touched, and I am dying to touch her, so I dive in, all logic dissipating from my brain.

I kiss her lower lips, and she melts beneath me. I start slowly, running my tongue along the outside of her pussy. I use my tongue to part her velvety folds and taste her sweetness. Fuck… it’s intoxicating. I run my tongue over her wet slit. Her plump clit is fully engorged and reacts sensitively to each one of my warm strokes. My lips and tongue work in sync on her clit, and her hips buck against me. The moans coming from Haleigh are instantly harmonious and something I could listen to all day long, on repeat. I know perfectly well that I’d never grow tired of hearing her.

“Mmmm,” she lets out a long whimper now and runs her nails through my hair. Yeah, the sexy kitten thing she has going on drives me wild.  And she is so wet and slippery against my face. All I want to do is make her come, feel her come on my face.

My stiff cock is pinned between me and the mattress, and I can’t help but thrust against her bed. I’m desperate for some sort of friction. Haleigh trembles harder but I don’t let up on her, just let her writhe in the pleasure of my mouth.

“Mmm, Ethan!” she cries with her voice a few octaves higher than I’ve yet to hear. I moan against her pussy because she tastes delicious, and I can feel her desperate clenching and pulsing. She’s aching for release and so am I. My cock is straining in my pants, and I know I have dampened my boxers with pre-come. My cock is hurting, and my balls are about to explode. Damn, I hope I don’t come in my pants. That would be embarrassing, but Haleigh is the hottest thing and having her writhing in my mouth is turning me animalistic. She’s flexing while trying to close her thighs around my head, but I refuse to let her. I use my hands to pin her legs open while I continue eating her. She can hardly take it, but I’m not giving her much of a choice, either.

“Ah, ah! Ethan—” Real words are impossible for Haleigh to get out, and I’m amused to have her under some kind of control this time. I pull my mouth away momentarily for some air but I introduce two of my fingers inside her to keep pleasuring her that way. Surprisingly, that is what causes the tension in her to snap, and I feel her orgasm tearing through her. I ride her orgasm with my fingers but I go back with my mouth and I flick on her clit with my tongue simultaneously. She grabs my head and pulls me even harder onto her pussy, moaning even louder, and I can feel her convulsing around my fingers. I don’t want to come but she’s melting in my mouth and fingers and fuck, I can’t hold it.

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