Real Talk: Series Premiere by H M Aguilar Chanchan


Real Talk Book 1

A personal message from the author:

This series was written for all the women in the world who find it difficult to see themselves clearly. Sometimes, it takes another person to help you discover your true potential. I want everyone to find that flicker of hope.

–H M Aguilar Chanchan

What’s a dark and handsome talk show host to do? The beautiful but flawed author, that he helped to safety in Las Vegas, seduced him and left his bed empty the next morning after a passionate, one-night stand.

John Carrington is an attractive and charismatic talk show host with many secrets that he keeps well-hidden from the world. When he comes across author Clara Presley, who is clearly struggling with her questionable life decisions, he sees an opportunity he would never normally consider. He helps the striking beauty to safety and succumbs to her seduction, only to discover she's gone when he wakes up.

He is left to ponder a few things he has never faced previously, determined to see the beautiful and elusive Clara once more. Whilst he waits for her interview on his show, he cannot ignore the possibility of capturing the captivating Clara, knowing this will be one of his most impressive accomplishments yet.

Real Talk is a deliciously spicy millionaire Romance novel that contains an attractive mix of gothic overtones, psychological thriller, and a suspenseful plot. It will keep readers on their toes and unable to stop turning pages to find out what happens between Clara and Carrington.

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