Pieces of My Pedestal by Michele Steele


Pedestal Book 1

She was totally consumed with love. She could not focus or sleep. He gazed into her eyes with hot passion.

“Not only do you set me on fire with your lovemaking, but I adore your mind, your heart, your wisdom.”

Then he was gone. Just like the others. To strangers, she had it all as a successful business owner.

She worked hard to be a powerful businesswoman and secretly put great effort into learning how to please her sex partner. She brought passion and romance to every relationship.

“Why do I constantly attract the same type of man – gorgeous, charming and damaged? The sex was mind blowing and they still didn’t love me. Don’t I deserve happiness?”

She was abandoned by an uncaring father who never loved anyone other than himself. That left a hole in her heart. After a lifetime of unfulfilled dreams…she packed up and moved to Florida to begin her life again. This is the story of her exhilarating and painful journey on the road to finding herself and her true love.

She had to navigate a corrupt senator who almost had her killed; the return of a past lover who never left his wife, a sociopathic woman who was determined to take everything from her and …

Gaetano, a beautiful Italian man who was ten years younger and not looking for a commitment. She thought his amazing hot sex would soothe her wounds with no romantic strings. Gaetano was a delicious little secret until…He changed everything.

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