My Valentine’s Virus by A Darang


Part of Likely Lovers Series


I never imagined coming face to face with the world’s number one hacker, and definitely not at my college. Xalton Kaiser placed me on his digital hit list after I reclaimed classified information that wasn’t his, to begin with. Ever since, he’s been following me, watching my every move, and he’s closing in. But little does he know, I’m the one who’s been hunting him.


This delusional amateur thinks she can take a swing at the king. I’m three steps ahead of my targets, but something’s different with Abbie Belle-Nunez. She’s uninhibited with an intoxicating flame for insanity. By taking everything from under me, she’s succeeded in getting under my skin. Now that I have her in my sights, I can’t resist the excitement of chasing her.


A dark romance orbiting two ego-maniac hackers seeking to destroy each other. At the risk of unraveling their lives and those around them, they’re willing to go to catastrophic lengths to claim victory over the other. But as their paths collide in real life, the lines between hate and desires blur like rapid fire. In a world where betrayal is a heartbeat away, they find themselves struggling with annoying emotions as they navigate their treacherous game. Together they must submit to the power of trust to subdue issues greater than their need to win.


Excerpt from My Valentine's Virus © Copyright 2024 A Darang

“Opal's daughter is like a wolf on meth,” Xalton says. “When she sinks her teeth into something, she doesn't let go. But as long as I'm around, I won't let her get to you.” He bumps my forehead against his and my drifting vision returns to his. “I promise.” He leans in to kiss me but if I don't correct him now, I'll break out in hives.

“I'm not afraid of her,” I assert. “I'm afraid for you, but next time—just let me handle her. Got it?” He chuckles at me, unsure if I've threatened him or am applying to be his protector. Maybe both.

“Of course.” His eyes darken in amusement pairing with his dangerous smile.

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