Camping with Daddy’s Grumpy Mountain-Man by Izzie Vee


Steamy, Forced & Forbidden Romance Book 20


Ruth is young and inexperienced.
She wants to go camping with the forbidden older-man, Denver.
She hadn’t expected Denver to be so grumpy. Rough. Muscular. And irresistibly hot.
Nor did she expect him to be so BIG.
Or for her to get pregnant.
She’s out in the wild with only him as her company and protector.
They’re getting close. They shouldn’t.
He’s totally off-limits.
But sneaking a peeking from behind the bushes while he bathes in the river in the days,
And having this huge mountain-man snuggled next to her in a tent at nights,
Is doing something to Ruth. She has feelings she’s never experienced before.
She can’t control her insatiable desire. She’s hot and in need.
Will the grumpy off-limit mountain-man ever agree to be her very first?
Just how hot, wet and wild can things get in the woods? SUPERRR!



Camping with Daddy’s Grumpy Mountain-Man: Adults Erotic Short Story: Older Man Younger Woman, Age-Gap Pregnancy, Explicit Quick Read (Steamy, Forced & Forbidden Romance Book 20)

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