Manual of Seduction by Franco


How To Meet And Bed Hot Women?

A personal message from the author:

I see too many good men being rejected in otherwise advanced and “politically correct” countries because they are “too good” and “nice.” I wrote the Manual of Seduction for Husbands, Single Men and Playboys to help men get in charge of their female relationships. You can use the knowledge in the book to have great relationships with many women if you are single or.. to make your girlfriend and wife happy. Like every tool in life how you use it it's up to you. I hope it's for good.

— Franco

This book for men concentrates on teaching you the art of seduction and keeping women attracted to you while in a relationship. If you are a single man looking for the perfect woman, this book will help you understand women’s psychology and the steps necessary to have women interested and sexually aroused. If you are a husband it will help you understand how you can keep your wife constantly attracted to you and sexually satisfied. If you simply want to have fun and live the bachelor, playboy lifestyle, this book is for you as well!

The knowledge I share with you in this book gives you the tools needed to master your dating life and female relationships. This is not the usual book on “How To Get Women.” You will not need to become a “pickup artist” and spend countless nights in clubs. Apply this knowledge everywhere you go in a relaxed, day-to-day manner, while engaging in tasks and activities already being done throughout your daily life. This book is based on knowledge of how the deeper instincts of evolution influence the behavior of females within our species. It tells you exactly how you can predict the behavior of a woman and direct it towards her sexual desires. The opinion that female sexual behavior is a mystery is a myth! Female behaviors dealing with love and sexuality can easily be predicted. Female behavior follows precise laws dictated by instinct!

Nowadays, the modern man’s love life has become especially tough, especially for those men with poor to average financial resources. The sad fact is that the struggle for survival and human sexuality are very much linked to each other within our species. The frames of traditional dating and marriage frame the notion that the man should beg, both financially and emotionally, to have a fulfilling sexual and emotional life. The modern man is assumed to be “selected” by women, especially in those countries where feminism has great political power. This frame puts the average guy (and quite often also very successful men without any seductive skills) into a position of slavery in regard to their emotional and sexual life. Paradoxically, especially in those countries where sexual minorities have all the possible rights, there is the unspoken law that heterosexual men should ask for forgiveness and feel shame about their healthy sexual desire. This is not fair and this book will help you reframe it. I had the luck of a life-long interest in psychology and having been “street smart” for decades.

The knowledge in this book needs to be put into practice within your everyday life. As soon as you put these tools into action and start seeing results, you will get a clear understanding on how powerful they are. No more expensive restaurant dates ending in, “I think we should just be friends.” You hold the cards!


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