Guilty Pose: Naked Gay Lust (MM Book Duo) by Ty Debauchee


Naked Gay Lust Book #304 & #305

TRYSTING GUILT: Naked Gay Lust – MM Book #304

Garrett's tragedy in Ty's life grows with every phone call, email, and text. This is overwhelming. Ty is melting down as he struggles to manage the unbearable pain.

Fortunately, Tanner is an honorable friend with incredible ethics. He is committed to honoring his promise to Garrett. But will Tanner's strong shoulder be enough to get Ty through this incredible nightmare? And how much will his personal attraction to Ty complicate his ability to be the friend Ty needs?

On the other hand, Garrett also asked Tanner to love Ty. What exactly did he have in mind? Is Tanner living up to his commitment, or is he way over the line with lust?

SECRET POSE: Naked Gay Lust – MM Book #305

When Tanner met Ty, he very much sought a friend with whom he could be close enough to share two very important secrets. Tanner recently shared one of his secrets. He might be gay.

How could there be another secret more difficult to share than his being gay? Tanner finally acknowledges the incredible closeness and trust he feels for Ty. He is now comfortable in revealing his second secret which becomes even more interesting when Ty flatters him with his own related talents.

For both men their new closeness, trust, and shared secrets lead to a life changing experience. Will it be positive or unfavorable, for one or both?

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