Doll on the Town: A Latex Fetish Adventure


The Rubber Temp Series

Sasha never imagined that a simple temp job could change the course of her life forever.

Sent by her temp agency to a new boutique called “Amanda's”, Sasha opens the door on not just a new store in town, but a new way of life.

The store only sells latex clothing and Sasha is required to dress the part. Covered from head to toe in gleaming black rubber, she is relegated to being the the ‘shop doll'. The Doll is not only at the beck and call of not just Mistress Amanda, but of every customer that comes through the door.

It wouldn't be so bad if Sasha didn't know half the people who entered the store…

After an eventful day working at Amanda's boutique, Sasha is looking forward to walking home dressed only in latex. Allie, however, has other plans.


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