Can you go wrong with fantasy? How about a bit of love and lust mixed with fantasy and different worlds? Nothing can go wrong if you are into fantasy erotica and the truth is such stories can go in all kinds of directions. Moreover, the trend is quite common in more than just books – TV series, movies and comics. People want love and lust, but they are also after a good fantasy story. All in all, here are some of the best spicy fantasy books in this genre.

A Rose in the Snow, by Damon Frostheart

Ramsay’s role in life is to fight monsters, regardless of their nature. He needs to protect both his family and people. Once his training is over, he will most likely join by his father’s side to protect the surroundings against trolls, orcs or goblins, among other creatures.

Before becoming a leader, Ramsay needs to get married. Sophia is the girl he has always craved for. The two get married and get one night together before Ramsay needs to go off to fight. He tries to make the most out of it, but also cement his lineage before a potential death.

Things seem relatively simple in theory. But Ramsay realized peace is a concept that does not exist. He figures out that there will always be more monsters trying to harm his people. At some point, he will need to make a choice that will change his entire life.

The Red, by Tiffany Reisz

Mona Lisa needs to save and preserve her mother’s gallery. Unfortunately, the expenses and hassle associated with the gallery will take her out of her comfort zone. In fact, she soon realizes that there are no options whatsoever – she has to sell the gallery.

However, things change to 180 degrees when a mysterious man shows up. He walks in after the closing time and decides to make Mona Lisa an incredible offer. He will save the gallery if she agrees to become his for a year – whatever that involves.

The man is good-looking, educated and polite – the offer is definitely tempting. However, Mona Lisa knows that her mother had other plans for her beloved daughter. This is only the first book in The Godwicks series and will most likely convince you to go on with the rest too.

Fighting Destiny, by Amelia Hutchins

Fantasy erotica is taken to another level in the first book of The Fae Chronicles series. The creatures are mystical and belong to the Celtic culture. They have a reputation – they take advantage of their appearance and beauty and love messing with people only for some giggles.

The story brings in a series of plot twists and intriguing moments. The main character hates the Fae, but their prince wants some help. He is not the most attractive person out there – rude and arrogant. However, someone kills the Fae, as well as the witches and someone needs to solve this problem.

The prince’s biggest problem is the fact that he is incredibly beautiful, so saying no to him is almost impossible. He seems to spell people with his looks. Whenever he touches someone, they simply cannot resist to his demands…

Dark Lover, by J. R. Ward

Wrath is the last pure vampire out there and leads a brotherhood. As the leader of the Black Dagger, his main mission is to find whoever killed his parents' hundreds of years ago. He has a bunch of fighters along, but his most trusted one ends up dead, leaving a daughter behind.

The girl has no clue about who she is. She has no idea about her fate or her heritage. Wrath needs to leave his revenge for another time. His new mission is to help this beautiful female discover who she really is, but also push her to blend into a new and completely different world.

Beth finds herself helpless against the dangerous man who keeps visiting her at night. His tales and stories give her chills, but she feels like he is telling the truth. His touch makes her feel a bit different and things are about to escalate pretty quickly…

Pleasure Unbound, by Larissa Ione

Her life stands out in the crowd. Her mission is to slay demons, but her personal life is far from fulfillment. She craves sensual pleasure, but she is afraid she will be rejected, so she never tried anything. But then, Tayla ends up in a hospital. The hospital is entirely run by demons disguised in people.

The head doctor – Eidolon – makes her body itch for pleasure. However, she realizes that she is in the wrong place. She figures out that she is actually supposed to kill those creatures. The surgeon saved her life, but she would have to kill him in order to avoid betraying her peers.

Eidolon realizes what is going on. He hates this woman, but at the same time, he feels an unusual passion for her. She is his enemy, as well as the woman of his dreams. Ready to let his passion come to life, he allows Tayla to take him over.

A Kiss of Shadows, by Laurell K. Hamilton

A Kiss of Shadows is one of those spicy fantasy books that will make you crave for more – luckily, this is only the first book in the Merry Gentry series. Her name is Merry, but it is not her real name. She tries to keep her real name secret because her aunt – the Queen of Air and Darkness – does not want her alive.

Merry has fled the court years ago and has been hiding. She now works as a private investigator for an agency dealing with supernatural problems. Her magical skills allow her to solve one case after another. People around her know that she is special, but she cannot afford to reveal more about her powers.

Her new life seems to work. Until one day… She has always been careful, but definitely not enough. Dark shadows are slowly getting closer to her and they will soon try to take her back home. The running is over now, but the fight is just about to start. Romance will inevitably kick in at some point too.

Kushiel’s Dart, by Jacqueline Carey

The action takes place in a fantastic world – grace, beauty and peace. There is only one rule in this world – love everyone around you. It is said that angel and humans came together to come up with a new race to inhabit this perfect place known as Terre d’Ange.

Phedre is a young girl enjoying life in the world. She is not perfect – a scarlet mote in the left eye makes her stand out. She was sold into servitude when she was a kid and ended up in Anafiel’s ownership. The nobleman realizes she is not just a random girl, but the one who was pricked by Kushiel’s Dart.

People pricked by this dart were cursed to feel both pain and pleasure at the same time. One day, Phedre accidentally discovers a plot that threatens her whole world. She needs to focus on her new love, but she also wants to protect her world. How is she going to make a choice then?

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, by A. N. Roquelaure, Anne Rice

Everyone knows the classic folktale, but things are about to get different in this fantasy erotica series. The modern story brings in all the implications associated with that kiss that awakened the princess from her long sleep. It is definitely a connection there, but it has never been fully explored.

The two end up in a sensual connection that will obviously lead to lust and sexual desire. In this modern story, the prince no longer uses his lips to help the princess. Instead, his sexual initiation is what brings her back to life and shows her what passion looks like.

The reward? There is only one way to find out, but get ready to explore a sensual story that will trigger your feelings.

From Blood and Ash, by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Poppy’s fate has been sealed before she was even born. She is a maiden meant to be solitary – never touched or spoken to. She is not meant to experience pleasure, but just wait for the big day reaching the ascension.

However, there is also a duty. The whole kingdom rests on her shoulders. She is not sure what she is meant to do. Until one day, when Hawke – a local guard – enters her life with the one and only mission to ease the ascension.

The problem is that the two experience an unusual connection. The desire is part of the game and the need for love and a gentle touch will inevitably take over. She is tempted with her forbidden and she is ready to forget everything she believes in.


In the end, fantasy erotica is quite varied and may go in different directions. Any of the above-mentioned titles can give you a good story in terms of fantasy, but you will also have your thoughts flooded with lust and passion.