A Rose in the Snow by Damon Frostheart


Rings of Ash and Dust Book One

A personal message from the author:

I want to blur the lines between romantic erotica and dark fantasy. My intention is to write a series of books like this one, in a persistent post-apocalyptic fantasy setting, where sex is treated as at least as important as a climactic action scene.

It is my belief that erotica is capable of being one of the most authentic forms of art, as it doesn't skim over one of the most powerful components of the human condition like clean stories do. By writing stories that will be classified as erotica, I can be true to my artistic vision in ways I otherwise could not be.

— Damon Frostheart

In an isolated village beyond the end of the world, a wandering soldier and a mysterious stranger are headed for a chance meeting with destiny.

Ramsay was raised to do battle against the monsters in the night—goblins, orcs, and trolls are only the beginning of his worries. Soon, he will take his place at his father’s side to protect his people and his family. But first, he will marry Sophia, the girl of his dreams. With only one night to spend with his new bride and cement his lineage before going off to fight, Ramsay is determined to enjoy these last vestiges of peace.

If only it were that simple.

A voice on the wind, the glint of razor-sharp teeth, and the otherworldly glow of blood-red eyes in the dark remind Ramsay that peace is an illusion, and safety a dangerous lie. Faced with the horrifying reality of his way of life in peril, he will be offered a terrible choice.

A Rose in the Snow is the first of the Rings of Ash and Dust tales, set in the shattered remains of the modern world, where magic is a force of nature and monsters roam free.

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