There is no shame in wanting to indulge your sexual needs and fantasy, even by living it through ink and paper. Even if it’s only through writing, you can still experience the quickening of your pulse, the angry fluttering of butterflies in your stomach, and the desire and lust building up within you.

A good sex story can make you feel all bothered. Excellent writing, fantastic description, and realistic sex scenes can be enough to satisfy your sexual urges. You can live through someone’s sexual adventure, even for just a little while.

Suppose you’re craving incredibly steamy, hot, and dirty sex short stories to indulge before going to bed. In that case, you can carry on reading as below are some suggestions you can look into to cater to your desires and fantasies!

Suck Me Slow, by Mel Dau

This book follows the story of Queentesa Manigault, who spends all her time trying to please everyone. This wasn’t what her family wanted for Queen, which is why they gave her a needed break. A fully paid, 5-day vacation to Montego Bay. As she struggled to earn her life back after being lost for a long time, she met Cameron Jordan, who made things even harder.

Queen was conflicted with the sudden twists and turns in her vacation. Add in hot and wild sex into the equation, and she got herself a truck load of drama and problems that she doesn’t know how to handle.

F*ck and Fall in Love by Nicole Falls

Jane is a business professional that is sent to New York for a business trip. There, she met tech wizard and part time bouncer, Nigel, who just so happened to turn her all-business life upside down. That encounter led to very steamy and spicy nights of sex and passion. What was supposed to be just a one night stand turned into something more.

This book is all about timing and chance. A short telling of a beautiful love story between two people whose lives are very different. A good and handsome man like Niger to fall for the serious girl with a surprising wild side.

Dirty Sex Short Stories: Explicit Adult Stories Collection by Melanie Landish

A collection of in-depth and explicit erotic stories that can make even the most hardcore erotic readers blush. Melanie Landish aimed to probe and explore her readers’ darkest and dirtiest desires. She succeeded in writing a masterpiece collection of the most graphic, explicit, and well-described sex stories that can get anyone hot and bothered in just a few sentences!

This book contains naughty and spicy tales that are downright dirty and pleasurable. It has stories that can help and teach you how to liven things up in the bedroom. From toys to games, this book contains just about all of it!

The Sex Chronicles by Zane

Zane is an impeccable writer and story teller who pushed the very boundaries of erotic, sexy, and lust. She delivers another masterpiece that features stories that are both captivating and bold. She dissects the deepest and darkest fantasies of her readers, capturing their attention and interests.

The Sex Chronicles is a collection of wild stories that focuses on African Americans. The book promises a wide variety of sensual stories that can knock your shoes and socks off! From a housewife wishing for her husband to experiment more to secret sororities that organize unconventional social events. Zane offers her readers continuous pleasure, from the first page till the last.

Chocolate Flava: The Anthology by Zane

Chocolate Flava is another masterpiece erotica book from Zane. This book is based on her website,, which acquires over a million hits every year worldwide. Zane is genuinely a true household name in Erotica Fiction.

This book features 25 hot and sizzling stories and tales written by talented and upcoming Erotica writers who were handpicked by Zane herself. Each story has a personal and unique touch and tone that enraptured its readers.

Chocolate Flava is a his-and-her collection as some stories are written for female readers, while others are for males. Zane aspired to create a masterpiece that shows the world that men and women can express themselves equally in erotica.

Release Some Tension by Nicole Falls

Ayumi and Lewis were only supposed to be temporary. A way to escape their dramatic lives. A chance to just be Ayumi and Lewis without other things weighing them down. They saw each other as an opportunity to forget their lives, even just for a little while.

They met at a local watering hole. What seemed to be only a chance encounter changed their lives completely. They found solace with each other. What was supposed to be just a tumble in the sheets developed into something more.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. It was only supposed to be temporary. A way to release some tension. But of course, things became more complicated.

Sexy Shorts: Collection of sweet, filthy, red-hot short stories by Kathryn Nolan

A collection of steamy and wild stories that can heat up your night. This book contains various sensual stories that can make you squirm and fidget in your seat. Kathryn delivers 14 thrilling and passionate erotic short stories. She captivates her readers by creating such intimate and wild tales.

Each story is captivating on its own. Each page will take you on a rollercoaster ride filled with emotions. Each paragraph is fierce and scorching with desire. Nolan had successfully rendered every character close to life with how realistic they are.

This book is filled with desire and lust, with a dash of hope, yearning, and romance.


It's nice to let loose once in a while. It's great to finally get back home after a long day at work. It's absolute heaven to be able to change into comfortable clothes and slip into your soft bed. But with the long and exhausting day you had, you must be wanting some pleasure. Why not read something spicy and naughty?

With the list of dirty sex short stories above, you won't be spending dull and boring nights ever again! Indulge your interest in reading hot, steamy sex stories. Spend the last few minutes of staying awake by pleasuring yourself with reading these bad boys.

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