Ahrahyah and the Crown of Fahrahshan by M.T. White


A personal message from the author:

“I had always wanted to write a fantasy story centered on the kind of character who is typically the villain in Fantasy novels, as I often found myself far more interested in villains than heroes when I was younger. This book serves as a sort of origin story detailing how a concubine arose from being a slave of a Shah to the lusty and fearsome djinni-goddess she will appear as in future books.”

— M.T. White

Beautiful and curvaceous beyond compare, Ahrahyah lives in gilded bondage as the favorite concubine of the Sultan of Fahrahshan. Having provoked the ire of the Sultan’s wife after years of indulging his lust, Ahrahyah seeks out the Sultan’s oldest son, Prince Faydeddin. Through seduction, she hopes to gain his protection, acting purely on desire regardless of consequence. Ahrahyah soon discovers that the handsome prince knows more of her origins than even she was aware.

The stunning Ahrahyah is the half-blood daughter of the Djinn, demonic and powerful entities born from the lusty dreams of mortals. Bound to the will of Faydeddin by an arcane form of slavery, Ahrahyah journeys to seek a long-lost treasure for the prince. She must recover the crown of Shahvirahz—the most fearsome
wizard-king in the history of Fahrahshan—before she can claim the destiny that awaits her.


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