Unentombed Lust by Joel D. S. Jordan


The Unentombed Lust Series Book 1

A man in his early twenties was traveling the arid land. His name, Jason Ryan. He hoped to find healthy people living in a place with a zombie-proof fence. A place where he’ll be safe. But something he never imagined was going to change his life forever. He’ll find an amazing woman he will love. Unfortunately, with her love she’ll infect him with a mutated strain of the zombie virus. He’ll become a carrier. If he had sex with any woman, he’ll infect her, she will turn and die.

Jason was cursed.

Meanwhile, the zombie pandemic allowed many criminals to thrive. One of them was a depraved man called Nick Miller. Seducing and killing women were his hobbies. What will happen when he and Jason face each other? Who will prevail? Will Jason be able to survive?

Zombies, sex, and incontrollable desire are present in this strange story as we see Jason searching endlessly for a cure.


Excerpt from Unentombed Lust © Copyright 2022 Joel D. S. Jordan

Jason was still nervous. Emma was a mature woman who knew what she was doing. She took off her pants, so they won’t get wet when she stepped on the water. She rubbed the soap in Jason’s body. She took her time to do an excellent job. When she finished, she splashed water to his face. He splashed water to her too. She had a nice smile.

“Now,” she said, “we rinse your body. You’ve had enough water for today. We don’t want you catching a cold.”

Jason nodded. He washed his body with fresh water. She walked to the shore and sat in a rock. Jason soon came walking to her again with an erection. He was a bit ashamed. Emma was still without her pants. He sat next to her and looked at her as if he wanted to kiss her. She kissed him.

He remembered that he had kissed a girl in high school. That seemed so long ago.

“Let me put it inside you,” he said.

Her hand went to hold his member again. She stroked it. “Of course,” she said.

She took off her panties. Jason was feeling tension. Finally, she opened her legs and invited him to come closer. He didn’t wait a second and went on top of her. She guided his member inside her. It was tight. He started to move. Pleasure building up. She felt pleasure too.

“Don’t finish too soon,” she said. “I’ll try.”

After some minutes, Jason thought that she reached climax. She hugged him. He felt her heart beating faster. He tried to make it last longer, but he couldn’t control himself and finished inside her.

He kissed her thinking that he loved her. “So,” she said, “this was your first time?” “Yes.”

“You are a good man. You’ll find a woman your age soon and you’ll be fine.” “I don’t want any other girl. I just want you.”

“I’m sorry,” Emma said. “I’ll leave and you won’t see me again.” “Why?” His heart broken.

“Remember that I told you that zombies came, and they didn’t attack me? Well, there is a reason for that. I’m infected. I’ll die in some days.”

“I don’t believe it.” “It’s true. Look.”

She took off her T-shirt and showed him a kind of rash in her right side. He didn’t notice it before. But

it was true. She was infected. She will die soon.

“I’ll ask you for only one thing,” she said. “Ask me anything.”

“Shoot me.” “Never.”

“I need it. I don’t want to lose my mind and wander the countryside like a disgusting creature from

hell. If you don’t kill me, someone else will.”

He wanted to cry. He was ashamed of that. But he controlled himself.

“Tonight, you’ll shoot me,” Emma said. “Then you’ll go on with your journey to find that community of survivors you want to join.”

“I’ll remember you forever.”

Jason spent the rest of the day with her. Hours passed fast and inevitably they saw the sun setting. It was time.

She dressed and walked to him. She was in front of him. “Now, Jason. I’m glad I met you in my last day. I wish I could have spent more time with you. I’d have loved to know you better. I know you’ll be fine. Shoot me now.”

Jason pulled his pistol. He put the barrel next to her forehead. He struggled to pull the trigger. “I can’t.”

“Be a man and kill me!”

There was anger in her voice. He could not do anything but to obey her. He aimed again and shot a single bullet to her forehead. She felt backwards to the ground. A line of blood came out of the bullet hole. Her face marked by the anger she felt seconds before dying. But Jason found her beautiful, nonetheless. He sat in a rock. He wished he had a beer to calm his sadness.