Two Women by B.L. Miller


A personal message from the author:

I wanted to write a story about a woman exploring her sexuality. Maybe someone that was recently divorced or even still married. The two women would be co-workers, each would be attracted to the other, but neither would know. And of course I wanted A LOT of sexual tension too! This IS a love story- it's just a very dirty one!

— B.L. Miller

Tanya and Katie meet at work. Both soon find out they have something in common, both have bad experiences of marriage. Soon the two women strike up a friendship in which each feels a growing attraction towards the other, although neither will come out of the closet and admit it. Then, Katie invites Tanya over for dinner. As they prepare for the evening ahead, each has hopes something will emerge. When Tanya arrives she discovers that Katie has much more than chicken on the menu, with her bed laid out with an assortment of naughty toys Katie is hoping for a very exciting night! Will the evening end in disappointment, or will it explode into an evening neither women will ever forget and put them together on a path both were always destined to follow.


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