Forced proximity is a thing many of us fantasize about. It could be anything. Just think about the hottest person at work. You have to spend time together, whether you like it or not. They could be terrible people, but you're stuck together, and eventually you’ll find the good sides too.

I believe it all starts at an early age. Remember your babysitter? I know, right? How about some of your professors in school? We all get hit by such crushes every now and then. It happens, but you can only imagine what could happen if things went further.

With these thoughts in mind, I’ll share some of my favorite forced proximity books. In the first list I collected some steamy and erotic titles for your night and in the next section you will find, rom-com and sports romance titles (non-erotic) to enjoy forced proximity romance stories on the beach too.

What Are The Top Steamy Forced Proximity Romance Stories?

One Wild Weekend with Connor, by Lexi Hart (2019)

This is one of my favorites, pretty new and actual. The idea is fairly simple. She's broken after Scott left her. She has no clue what to do next, and she strongly believes she'll never find love again. We all feel like this after breaking up anyway, but things always work out.

In her case, they took an unusual direction. Instead of finding someone who’s on the same page, she let a criminal in her life. A fugitive. A man who messed up and is now hiding from the authorities. Even worse, she has let him into her bed as well.

The unwritten deal was quite obvious. He gave her the sin and passion, and she gave him shelter. It worked both ways. She knew it was a mistake, but she couldn't resist his kisses and looks. Besides, the lust was already there.

Her clean reputation and peaceful life are about to go down the drain, especially if this secret makes the deadlines. What are they going to do next? I won’t give you any spoilers, but trust me, there are quite a few interesting plot twists in there.

Besides, this is only one book in a large series, so it’ll just open your appetite for more. They’re not related, so you can get them in any order.

My August, by Lily Blu (2023)

This story is written from a feminine point of view, but don't worry, the action is just as steamy, no matter who reads it. There's plenty of forced proximity romance in there, lust, and quite a few spicy scenes of sex that will trigger your imagination.

Anyway, August is her everything. They've been together since childhood. They've been best friends, and they've never seen each other romantically, but of course, that's about to change. No surprises there! One kiss changed the way they see each other now.

Now, she sees him in a different light. It’s not all about her, but also about him. Lust is there now. It feels like he has been turned into a completely different person, that’s how she sees him. The simple idea of being a couple is sick and twisted, but so appealing.

She has seen him as his worst, but despite her heart telling her to go away, she just can't leave the boy she once called her best friend. They're still inseparable, and things are about to go wild.

Her Wicked Lord, by Viola Grey (2023)

You’ll love this one. Forget about one long story that builds tension and makes you explode. This is a mix of a few different steamy stories. The idea is fairly simple. Action, sex, no time wasting, no fluff. No one has time for all that, right?

Anyway, there are a few different forced proximity books at once. Take His Hellion Ward, for example. Maggie’s guardian is injured, but once she touches him, they both know where this will go. How about A Deal With the Devil? He’s bad, but she’s the angel he’s always been looking for.

I know what you’re thinking, getting the same plot over and over again could be boring, but trust me, there’s nothing boring about this collection. Each story has its own slightly controversial themes. There’s much more than just forced proximity romance.

So, what else? There are age gap stories and forbidden sex. There’s a bit of BDSM here and there. A first time? Virgins? Check! Scandalous propositions, naughty ideas, whatever your imagination can conceive, you’ll find it here.

Sunset Desires, by Harper Mann (2023)

This book is part of a bigger series, but like with all forced proximity romance series, they’re not really related. This is my favorite in this collection. Not sure if you should read it first or last, but it’s my main recommendation.

The story follows a couple. Damon is one of the best looking guys on Serenade Island, most women want to be with him. Including her! She feels attracted to him, but she wants to resist him. There’s tension between the two of them, in a place where everyone is having a good time.

It’s not what they’re there for. In fact, she feels out of her comfort zone a little. She has always been the clear organized type, but this attraction feels like she’s about to lose everything. Are they going to resist it? They’re sharing a villa, after all, so I’ll let you take a wild guess there.

What Are The Top Rom-com Forced Proximity Romance Stories? (No Erotica)

The Right Move, by Liz Tomforde (2023)

Ryan is the captain of an NBA team. He’s good, but the club owner is not happy with it. They want someone with a great work-life balance, rather than a player. Therefore, he needs to find a partner, whether real or not.

That's when Indy kicks in. For Ryan, she's only a temptation. For her, Ryan is her best friend's brother. He's far from the perfect man. He's a control freak, and he's very serious about his space. Being a fake girlfriend would feel like a one-sided deal, though. What is she going to get out of it?

One thing leads to another, and they dive in, but unsurprisingly, it feels extremely natural. Besides, she's a natural born romantic, so she wants all the good bits of a relationship too. And that’s when things get a little complicated.

Final Offer, by Lauren Asher (2023)

All books in the Dreamland Billionaires series are slightly related, but the stories are not. Basically, each book is about one of the rich brothers and a steamy story, so you can get them in any order.

In this one, you have Callahan and Alana. Callahan is one of the most depraved brothers. He has a bad image, but no one really knows him. Apart from Lana, of course, his childhood best friend. The bad news is he broke her heart later on.

But now, he’s back in town to claim an inheritance. Her name is also on the deed, so the two will have to reconnect in one way or another. And that’s when things are about to change. He still has feelings for her, but he knows he did wrong. She’s in the same situation, but she also hates him.

Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute, by Talia Hibbert (2023)

Bradley is the perfect guy, or at least that's how he presents himself. He's a footballer, and despite having OCD, he's doing a pretty good job at keeping it under control. He’s great in most classes, so he’s not just the sporty type, but also the clever one.

Celine has a few things she can’t get over. She believes in every conspiracy theory she finds out about. She’s not one of the popular kids. And that’s why she feels like Bradley has abandoned her in the past. No one pays attention to her.

Their only connection is based on petty insults. But then, they end up on the same course, a survival course in the woods. I know what you’re thinking, steamy romance in the woods? You got it! One of the most exciting forced proximity books out there, you’ll love it.

Lunar Love, by Lauren Kung Jessen (2023)

Olivia’s grandmother has a matchmaking business. Eventually, she’ll have to take it over. It’s exciting, but also terrifying. The business is based on the traditional Chinese zodiac. But when a new app is released, things get personal.

The competition calls her business an animal attraction idea. Who’s behind it? One of the most hunted bachelors in LA, Bennett.

Olivia knows that it’s all about business, despite feeling lusty when checking him out. Plus, he doesn’t really take her traditions seriously, so he’s clearly an idiot.

But then, they make a deal. They’ll try to find a match for each other. If one of them falls in love, they lose. The problem is that Bennett is pretty good at stealing things. He stole her business idea, so he might as well try to steal her heart too.

Final Thoughts on Proximity Romance Books

Bottom line, these are by far some of the best forced proximity books to enjoy this summer. Sure, the list is longer, and there are quite a few interesting releases in the upcoming months. But so far, you can't go wrong with the above mentioned list.

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