When it comes to horror stories, nothing compares to a good book. You have to let your imagination go wild and imagine the worst situations in your own ideas. Chances are you will get hooked in and experience the story in a more authentic way than if you watched a movie. But then, how about a bit of eroticism involves as well? An erotic horror book will take things even further and even trigger a few feelings inside you.

There are quite a few good erotic books with horror accents in 2020 and vice versa. Not sure what to choose? Here are some of the best erotic horror 2020 books based on reviews from readers. Some of the books feature taboo horror fantasies.

Murmur, by Patrick Freivald

Murmur can go in a few different directions. It could be disturbing at first, but then lust and erotica kick in to take your shaking heart over. Then, it becomes elegant and super smart, only for a bit of horror to join the fun. It is terrifying and somehow, the author has managed to make the evil look sexy. You simply want to be there…

All in all, the book follows Davis MacArthur's story. The violinist holds demon Murmur into his soul to prevent him from escaping. He gets all kinds of visions and suddenly, a sexy stranger drags him into a world of sexuality and craziness.

Daddy Plugs Me: A Taboo Story, by Lexi Hunt

Lexi Hunt is a leading name when it comes to erotic stories to turn yourself on, but this book goes to another level and implements a series of horror accents. This story introduces the reader to a tale of lust and love – excellent when you need to get in the mood or you feel like you have not had some action in a while. It is all about rough feelings and happenings that can certainly trigger your imagination.

Long story short, this taboo story follows Leslie's erotic adventure. She is 20 years old and she feels like she is a grownup now – she can do anything she wants or at least this is what she thinks. One day, her stepfather Jordan comes in out of nowhere. Unable to find Leslie, he goes around the house. He finds her in the bedroom, but more importantly, he discovers a side to Leslie that he has never thought about.

A Lost Paige (Hidden Kingdom Trilogy Book 2), by Lila Rose

This book is about love, lust, pain, horror, possessions and fights. It has a bit of everything, but most importantly, it will give you some chills with the mix of eroticism and horror scenes. The book is suitable for those over 18 and represents the second book in a reverse trilogy – it is definitely worth starting with the first part.

The story follows Paige Alice's life. She is only a girl, but she realizes she must take her ghoul queen duties more seriously. However, she has no idea what this venture is about to bring in. At some point or another, the devil himself kicks in to show her who is in charge of everything. A bit of humor also eases the atmosphere every now and then.

Dirty Daddies Collection: 20 Erotica Books, by Ashley Wild

This book is basically a mix of 20 different stories – all of them featuring an erotic profile with a few accents of horror and humor here and there. They are quite explicit and can seriously challenge your fantasies. Stories are relatively short, so there is no time to get bored – plus, the action will seriously make you crave for more.

Each story is related to a daddy, whether it comes to a threesome, a confession or some punishment. Then, you have different characters, from little princesses and spoiled brats to virgins and dirty daughters who end up getting love from the older men in their lives. Lust, love and passion – what else can you ask for?

Daddy’s My Big Doctor: A Taboo Story, by Layla Marie

If you have read one of Layla Marie's stories before, you probably know what to expect already. Her down and dirty style will keep you going one more time – no fancy words to hide things, but just straight action and lust. From start to finish, the story will stimulate your imagination a little and make your mind go crazy.

There is not too much horror in this book though, but there is plenty of eroticism and a bit of suspense. At some point, you will barely be able to make the difference – your heart jumps with every scene and your thoughts will put you right in the middle of the action.

Forced By Daddy, by Dana James

You get a young daughter with an impressive body and a playful mind. Then, you have a daddy who is always up for some action with some fresh meat. Which way is this story going? The lust is probably the most obvious aspect related to it – there is passion and an intense craving for action in pretty much every scene.

On the same note, some scenes are spiced up with thriller elements, as well as a bit of horror. Your heart will jump, but you will find it difficult to tell why – is it the erotica? Is this the shock? Is it the suspense? Keep going and enjoy it.

A Story With No Limits, by Victor Robinson II

At first, this story feels like a horror novel. It follows three brothers – Danny, Micheal and Jason. Their memories go back to their childhood home – the so called Murray House, which saw lots of people dying around it. Each brother has a different lifestyle and a unique approach of life, but somehow, their stories are connected.

What feels like a horror story will soon turn into a thriller with lots of erotica. There is a bit of sexuality in each of the main characters' past, but somehow, everything goes back to the Murray House. All in all, this is definitely a good read that will hook you in from the first chapter.

A Giant Erotica Collection, by multiple authors

Authors like Sheri Shiraz, Raven Merlot, Alexandra Noir or Christi Cabernet have always managed to impress their audience with eroticism and suspense – perhaps a bit of horror here and there too. This bundle brings in 70 different stories and over 1,700 pages of erotica.

Follow Casey and her husband getting quarantined with a bunch of strangers and lots of crazy ideas. Then, go through the wife's dancing lessons who turn out to be more than just dancing. Sex addicts, ritualistic sex and so on – these stories can touch some nerves, but in a kinky way.

Only The Rough Stuff, by Candace Potters

Candace Potters has taken erotica to another level. You have just under 2,400 pages of erotic tales and stories and they will leave you craving for more. There are 80 stories that will mess up your mind and have you want to explore your fantasies. Stories are quite explicit – so clear that you could literally see everything in front of your eyes.

When it comes to what kind of characters you will find in there, your imagination has no limits at all. There are hot and innocent babes, pure maidens, untouched girls craving for action and so on. Some of them bring in a bit of suspense as well, but they cannot really be classified as horror stories.

Off Limit Daddy's Dirty Taboo Erotic Hot Sex Stories Bundle Collection, by Nellie Norton

Nellie Norton's collection brings in 150 different stories. Each of them comes with explicit details and mouthwatering adventures that will leave you want some more. Juicy adventures, unexpected plot twists and plenty of action – this is what you should expect from these stories.

Get ready to experience everything in the menu, from first time rough sex to sensual threesomes and innocent cuties. Details are so explicit that you can literally imagine the action – throw the author's details in and you have some excellent bedtime stories.

Rough Alpha Spanking: Daddy Mafia Sex Story, by E. J. Layne

This is the third book from a renowned erotic novel and brings in the story of a classic one night stand. She goes to bed with a stranger who she did not know. He was covered in tattoos and despite her thoughts, she gave him full control of her body.

The next morning, he left without saying anything. Days later, she landed a new job and just as she walks in, she finds out her boss is the mysterious stranger who totally dominated her just a few nights ago. This is when a thriller sexual adventure begins, especially as she finds it impossible to say no.

Bottom line, these are some of the best erotic horror 2020 books. Whether you are after something new, an interesting approach or some stimulation for your fantasies, any of these books can give you a good story.