The Rake’s Waltz by Kendra Simmons

An Erotic Regency Romance Novel

The Seducers of Soho Book 1

One dance leads innocent Celine into the most erotic encounters with dominant duke Xan, and his sexy circle, the Seducers of Soho….

Regency London, November 1816
Innocent debutante Lady Celine is just out for her Season when she meets the host of her very first ball, world-weary Alexander, the Duke of Ravenswood. One waltz with Xan leads the unsuspecting virgin down an erotic path like nothing she ever imagined.

Rakish Xan thought he'd seen and shagged it all until me meets Celine, a fascinating blend of virgin and eager lover. Celine soon shakes up Xan, and his entire circle of friends, the Seducers of Soho, including Xan's best friend and lover Drew, who starts taking far too much interest in the young beauty.

Drew's pursuit of Celine brings out Xan's dominance, and even jealousy. Xan's always been top in their dungeon, and more than happy to share his women. How dare a submissive like Drew challenge him for control of Celine?

Celine is shocked at how quickly she's caught in a tug of war between the two sexy men. Or as a tasty morsel for the Seducers to devour in the dungeon. Lust turns to dominance. But Celine is no man's mistress to be used and cast aside, as so many of Xan's past paramours have been. Can she turn the tables on Xan and take the lead in his rakish waltz? Or will she reject Xan completely and choose Drew?


Excerpt from The Rake's Waltz © Copyright 2022 Kendra Simmons

When Celine returned to the foyer, there was still no sign of her aunt anywhere. Since the crowd had thinned, it seemed a good time to step out and wait for her on the Square.

She was stopped in her tracks by a hand on her upper arm.

“Not leaving already, are you?” a deep voice demanded close to her ear.

She turned around to confront the unusual green eyes staring down at her intently. “No, I'm waiting for my aunt, Baroness Wilshire. She seems to be running rather late, so I just thought I would see if her carriage was pulling up,” she said stiffly.

“I see. Well, why not come dance with me while you wait, and you can tell me all about yourself, er, Lady–”

“Lady Celine Vaughan, Viscountess Berwick.”

“Pleased to meet you, I'm Alexander, the Duke of Ravenswood, Xan to my friends, and your host for the evening. Have we met before?”

Gosh, was she really so mousy and unassuming that he wouldn't remember her if they had? She shook her head. “Father's decided I'm old enough to come out now. This is my first ball. You will help me so I don't put a foot wrong, won't you?” she said, shaming him for the way he had seemingly made sure she had no partners at the dance thus far.

He gave what clearly passed for a smile for such a handsome man, but it looked more like a baring of teeth. “I promise you, you're in safe hands. Now let's hurry. I hear them tuning up for a waltz.”

“Oh, er, I, um–” Her cheeks heated at the very idea. “My dancing master refuses to teach it to me. He says it's very wicked. I don't want to make a fool of either of us.”

“Trust me. Just follow my lead. In dancing, and lovemaking, it's always best to follow the man, I find.”

“Oh, er, I'll just have to take your word for it. But it does seem to me that there are some men who might like a woman who's got a mind of her own, rather than just a puppet.”

His green eyes were staring down at her intently. “Just relax. Up on your toes, here we go.”

“Oh, Lord, what–”

“And you grip me around my waist the same way with this arm here.” He took it slowly, but forcefully, and wrapped it around his rock-hard abdomen and the small of his back. “Now raise your other arm in a canopy over our heads, gripping my fingers above.”

“This can't be decent,” she gasped.

She'd never touched a man, let alone put her arm around him. She was plastered against him so tightly now, she could feel the button of the falls of his breeches digging into her side.

“And one, two, three, one, two, three. We don't need to travel across the floor. We can just stay right here on the spot. Very good.”

Her breasts were pressing against the buttons of his evening coat, and the hand around her waist had come right around to the side, so his hand was on her belly most intimately.

“My, you're dainty little lass, aren't you. Tall, but thin. Regal. And shapely where it counts. Lovely breasts.”

Her face flamed. “Goodness, you can't say things like that. People will hear you.”

He grinned. “You may have noticed that everyone is in their own little world dancing the waltz. So now it's time to flirt with each other.”

“What?” she gasped.

“Well, the intimate dance is the perfect time for it. Our faces are only inches apart. My lips could brush yours as if by accident and–”

“No, no, no lips,” she said, starting to panic.

She would have stepped away, but he kept her up on her toes by gripping her harder with the arm holding her behind her back.

“Really, thank you for trying to teach me, but–”

“It's just a dance, Celine. You're safe with me. I'm not in the habit of deflowering debutantes on the dance floor.”

She gave a nervous laugh. “No, I suppose not.”

“Now, in other locations, definitely. Though not all have, er, flowers to deflower, if you take my meaning.”

Her gaze shot up to his. Now she saw some mirth in his smile. “Oh, you, you're just trying to shock me. It isn't very kind.”

“A lady always remembers her first dance, vertical, and horizontal, for the rest of her life. Might as well make it one worth remembering, eh?”

She blushed as she finally worked out his meaning. “You're being awfully wicked. I confided in you and you're doing nothing but making fun. Please take me to my aunt. A scandal may not make any difference to a duke, or a rake, but it certainly does to any eighteen-year old girl like myself.”

“Very well, Lady Celine, I'll take you. But trust me, you're not going to be the one causing the scandal.”

“What, she's here already?” she asked in surprise.

“Yes, she came early to enjoy some of the other, er, entertainments. We'll see which room she's in, shall we?”

He twirled her out of the tight dance hold, and gripped her hand hard. “This way.” He led her down the long corridor.  “Ah, she is.”

Celine looked in the door, then struggled to get away from Xan, but it was too late. Some things couldn't be unseen. No matter how much she wished they could be. She covered her eyes, but she could still see enough through her gloved fingers to be both horrified and aroused.

Her aunt was completely naked and surrounded by three lovely women and an incredible-looking young man. The women were naked, sucking one breast apiece, and her aunt's mound.  The woman darting her tongue all over it also had what looked to be an enormous, oiled cucumber that she was driving into her like she was throwing a spear….

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