The Game Changers by Bookarama Publishing


Gay Sports Romance Box Set

Nothing is sexier than a man who plays sports.

If you love steamy gay sports romances, grab this complete 3-book box set The Game Changers.
In this collection you will find:

Going Offside
A childhood friend turns into a college rival, and the worst thing is I want him, badly.
I’ve still been struggling to come out.
The last thing I need is to have a crush on a rival cheerleader, especially when that person is from my past.
I have to try and keep it together because if anyone finds out then my cover will be blown and I’m not ready to be out.
But damn if I don’t hate the way Liam makes it look so easy…

On Thin Ice
My mentor taught me everything he knew about hockey, now he’s going to teach me everything he knows about love.

It’s impossible for these men to pretend they’re straight, and yet they do everything they can to fight off these gay feelings.
Going from friends to lovers can be tough, especially when there’s an age gap involved, and if the truth should get out it could ruin Trent’s career before it’s truly started.
He left Eric behind once before when he turned pro, can he do it again when this time his heart is on the line?

Off The Field
It’s My First Time With A Man—And He’s On The Opposing Team.
I’m a single dad, the Coach of the San Diego Coyotes.
Chris Woodgate is the star pitcher for the Los Angeles Blackbirds—and my son’s hero.
He should be off-limits to me.
Is my life about to become a home run because of Chris—or the most disastrous strikeout ever?


Excerpt from The Game Changers © Copyright 2023 Bookarama Publishing

Chapter One


“Alright guys, you know what time it is. It’s the biggest game of the season. Sure, some of you might think this life is all about winning trophies, but those fade into memory. It’s all about taking everything you have onto that field and making sure that you leave nothing behind, especially when it comes to your rivals. The Cavaliers are on a winning streak. You’ve all seen the humiliation. You’ve grown up with it. Do you think you’re the team to break that? Because I sure do. I don’t need to tell you what it’s like when you drive around with your proud Eagle jackets on only to be hollered at by those jerks on the other side of the city. I’ve heard all the taunts. They should be echoing in your mind right now because I want you to think of them when you step out onto that field. I want you to see them laughing at you, because that’s exactly what they’re doing. Do you know what their coach is saying to them now? He’s telling them that the game is already won. He’s saying that he doesn’t even need to give a team talk because we’re going to crumble under the weight of pressure, just like all the other teams have before us. Well, I say no! I say that we are going to make a stand and this is the year when their streak is going to end. Winning a trophy this season isn’t going to mean shit if you don’t beat them because they’re just going to hold that win over you all your lives. Every time you go to a job interview, every time you go on a date, every time anyone sees you in the street, they’re always going to see a failure, and I do not want that for you, so what are you going to do?”


“What are you going to do?!”


“Tell me what the hell you’re going to do!”


The chorus echoed around me and through me, as though the sound had taken on a life of its own. It filled up the locker room and made the air thick with tension. We stamped our feet against the floor, creating an even greater noise. Coach Jackson’s face was twisted with anger. He had been brought in precisely to break this streak. Year after year we had laid down and let the Cavaliers take a huge dump right on our chests, and this was the year when it was all going to change.

I had been there the previous year as backup. I hadn’t even made it onto the field. I’d seen the effect it had on the team though. They had walked out there looking as though they were already beaten, and afterwards they were on the verge of tears. I never wanted that for me. I knew that coach was right. Maybe some people would think it was a myth, but there was a sharp correlation between those who lost as Eagles and those who failed in life. The Cavaliers, well, they went on to great success. Failure bred failure and at some point, it had to end. We were all hoping that we wouldn’t get tainted with the same brush.

“Now I want you to watch this. Study it like you’ve never studied it before. They’re fast, they’re good, and they’re going to hammer you. They’re not going to stop until you’re a beaten, bloodied pulp, so you have to stand tall and make sure they know that you’re not beaten. If you do that then maybe you stand a chance of winning. It starts in the heart first, but you have to be smart about it as well. Watch these plays. Learn how they think. You might think it’s cheap to want to be like them, but they’re winners. They’ve proven themselves. If there’s anything we can learn from them then we have to use it. I don’t want your eyes to leave this screen,” Coach Jackson said, as his assistant wheeled the TV in and set it up.

The picture flickered into life and a hush fell over the locker room. I swept a stray lock of dark hair away from my face. Nerves were already running through my veins. I glanced around, wondering if anyone else was feeling the same way I was. The last thing I needed was to let the pressure get to me, but with every year that passed so did the burden get placed on the shoulders of another team, and by now the weight of the entire school was upon us. I should have been brave, but I couldn’t quite make it there yet.

I watched as the Cavaliers tore through teams time and time again. They were quick, strong, and ruthless. In some ways it was as though they were the perfect football team, as though they had been forged in some lab somewhere. Suddenly the picture jerked and something caught my eye. In the lower corner the cheerleaders were there. Three of them were bouncy, perky blondes with petite frames and the kind of smiles that made most men melt. But they weren’t what I was looking at. I saw him, a tall, slender man wearing skin tight clothes that showed off every chiseled muscle. His buttocks were tight and the outline of his manhood was on display. Apparently, he didn’t know what shyness was. He jumped as high as the girls and the elegance of his body was something to be admired. He was graceful and he exuded the kind of sex appeal that sent my heart into overdrive. The pom poms obscured his face, but I was already transfixed. I had never seen anything like it before, and I could just tell that he was gay.

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