The Beast Behind Her Vows by Kessa Knight


Scheming Flames & Titans Book 2

He's no Prince. She's not seeking a fairy tale. But desire this wicked has a mind of its own.

Roland's a fallen titan, desperate to save his empire. Felicity's a real estate queen, playing a high-stakes game. Their weapon? A marriage contract as tempting as it is treacherous—perfect for mending images and appeasing shareholders. But behind the champagne toasts and boardroom power plays, a web of deceit unravels, threatening to consume them both.

Will their gamble secure their futures, or will their scorching alliance burn their fairy tale to the ground?

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Excerpt from The Beast Behind Her Vows © Copyright 2024 Kessa Knight

After the heated boardroom battle, Roland eagerly made his way to his office. The prospect of an impromptu lunch with Felicity served as a much-needed respite. The moment he entered, his demeanor shifted. Felicity stood by the window. The sunlight bathed her in a warm, ethereal glow, accentuating her striking features. Her tresses cascaded in alluring undulations, caressing her slender shoulders. They were a river of rich, brown locks that shimmered in the light.

She was dressed in a figure-hugging sheath dress that highlighted her curves and amble bosom in a tantalizing display of elegance and allure. The dress was a deep sapphire blue, complementing her complexion and adding a sparkle to her eyes. The fabric clung to her in all the right places, hinting at the sculpted grace of her form beneath.

As Roland's eyes traveled over her, taking in the way the dress accentuated her waist and fell just above her knees, revealing a glimpse of her toned legs, he was momentarily breathless. The combination of her natural beauty and the stunning outfit left him enchanted. Every curve and contour of her body brought steamy thoughts to his dirty mind.

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