Suzy’s Dilemma by Colin Guest


After being airlifted unconscious from Vincent's yacht in the English Channel by an air-sea rescue helicopter,

Suzy is flown to a hospital in Brighton.

From that day on, her life changes for the better.

Everything is going well until Suzy has to make a choice, one that will affect the rest of her life.

What will she do?

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Excerpt from Suzy's Dilemma © Copyright 2024 Colin Guest

Suzy, a woman with a strong sexual appetite attends a Hens Party in Belfast. After she and a young man have sex in a lift, the experience that night re-kindles her desire for sex. It also gives her a bright idea on her return home. When Suzy suggests a holiday abroad with Diane, her best friend, she agrees. The couple decides on Jersey in the Channel Islands, where they had previously enjoyed themselves.

One evening, while in their packed favourite bistro, Suzy beats Vincent when both rush to grab a vacant table. However, when Diane suggests they let the two men sit with them, Suzy agrees. The four of them get on well, and during the evening, Vincent and Adrian, invite the girls for a trip in their yacht. While out the yacht, after a swim, Vincent and Suzy make love in his cabin. This forms the start of a romance between them. Vincent later invites Suzy and Diane to accompany him and Adrian on their yacht back to England. To the men's delight, the girls are more than happy to agree

During the trip, Vincent and Suzy go down to his cabin and make love. While they are on their way back on deck, due to a freak accident, Suzy gets knocked unconscious. After Adrian puts out an emergency call, Suzy is airlifted from the yacht by helicopter and flown to hospital.

On their arrival at the Brighton marina, once moored, Adrian, Vincent and Diane rush to the hospital to see Suzy. To their relief, she has suffered no serious injuries. The next day, when Vincent returns to the hospital, he finds Suzy ready to be discharged, so he offers to drive Suzy home.  While Vincent is driving them back to London, on the way, to his surprise, Suzy gives him an unexpected treat.

A few days later, after Vincent takes Suzy out to dinner, their feeling grows, and they make love. Again, Vincent satisfies Suzy, it being something no man had done before. A few weeks later, Suzy moves in to live with Vincent, with both happy and content with their arrangement. However, when Suzy finds herself pregnant, she thinks a baby might spoil their fantastic relationship. As a result, Suzy decides to have an abortion. However, when she tells Vincent she is pregnant, to her surprise, he is overjoyed and proposes marriage.

Due to their differences over her wanting an abortion, Suzy does not accept Vincent's proposal. Although deeply in love with him, to avoid further conflict, Suzy returns to her own house. While later talking with Diane, Suzy agrees to have an ultrasound.  As a result, after seeing the baby forming inside her, Suzy decides not to have an abortion. When she informs Vincent, he is delighted and again proposes to her. This time he is thrilled when Suzy accepts. While making their wedding plans, Vincent discovers that Suzy blames her mother for her wild past. She does, however, love her father, who later gets on excellent with Vincent's father.

Suzy and Vincent get married, with Suzy having a baby girl that they name Natalie. From that day on, Suzy is content with her life; and no longer seeks out new sexual adventures. As for Vincent, since marrying Suzy, he feels on top of the world. Also, his and Adrian's business reputation grows, with them obtaining several new wealthy clients. Given all this, Vincent and Suzy bless the day the bistro in Jersey was full the night they met. Since then, along with Natalie who they both adore, Suzy & Vincent could not be happier.

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