Say Red by Gwen Day


Exposed Desires Book 1

Arrangements Inc – catering to all your secret fantasies – by negotiation, and at a price.

I thought selling myself was a painless way to deal with a painful situation.

He thought buying my time was the best way to scratch his particular kind of itch.

I thought the test that said I belonged on my knees in front of him was hogwash.

He thought he could see right through me, and the test told him all he needed to know.

I thought I was a decent girl doing dirty things for selfless reasons.

He thought paying a fortune for it made it clean and simple.

We were layers of desires and fantasies slowly revealing themselves to each other – his praise made me weak at the knees, my drive to please him sent his dominance into overdrive.

Someone needed to Say Red before we both got burned, and neither of us would say a thing.

Say Red is the first book in the Exposed Desires Series, where everyone finds out exactly what gets them hot, and how much it will cost them to experience it. Expect plenty of bossy alpha men, steamy exploration, and HEAs in these high heat romances.

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