Saved at Stevens Street by Charlie Roberts


Stevens Street Gym Book 1


He could be the one, really, the one. He seems like a great guy. He has a rock-hard amazing body, a gorgeous face with a smile that melts my panties, and sexually – oh yeah! No need to elaborate. The only problem is I don’t remember meeting him or going home with him, which is something I never do, never. I didn’t even know his name when I woke up beside him. I’m pretty sure I was roofied by someone that night I was out with all my coworkers at some bar I’ve never been to before. I don’t think it was him, though. I mean, seriously, he doesn’t need to drug a woman to get her into his bed. I’m quite sure he could get any woman he wanted to do anything sexual he asked. Which also brings up the question why he would drug me? I’m quite average. He has too much to risk to do something so stupid, too. He owns his own business and has a young daughter that he is solely responsible for. He doesn’t give off the creep vibe, either, and I’ve dated enough of them to know. But then other weird things happened. My house was broken into and I know I was followed. It was all just too much of a coincidence that it started after that night I met him. He is either my white knight or my worst nightmare.


I don’t do one-night stands, hookups, or pick-up women in bars anymore. I am looking for a relationship that will lead to marriage. I have a four-year-old little girl that I am completely responsible for. Her mother was out of the picture as soon as she was born, and I want a mother for her not a parade of bimbos in and out of her life. When I met Kenzie that night we hit it off instantly and I knew she was something special. I normally wouldn’t have brought her home, but it had been so long since I’d been with a woman, a self-imposed celibacy. And my daughter was with my mother for the night. Kenzie was incredibly open and personable, warm and fun, beautiful, sexy, and sensual. We had a great time at the bar and an even better time after we got back to my place. The only problem is, I don’t do drama and Kenzie appears to be drowning in it. First, she claims she has no memory at all of meeting me, going home with me, or the incredible sex we had. She insists that she was slipped a date-rape drug that night, but guarantees me she doesn’t think I gave it to her. Then her house is broken into and then she thinks she is being followed. Way too much drama! But what if it isn’t drama or even bat-shit crazy? What if she truly is in trouble? I wouldn’t be a good person if I turned my back on her, would I? In doing so, I could also be missing out on the one I’ve been searching for, who I think I found in her.

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