Safety Net Broken by Stantonena McDaniels


Asia “Dreamer” Rivers, never believed in the idea of a soul-mate. That was until she ran into Roman Jones on her graduation day, at UCLA. Sexy, charming, smart, and charismatic, Roman had the wit and skills to lure any girl in – even one of the hottest, sexiest, and most prestigious girls on campus, Asia…

Right from the beginning, even before their first kiss, Asia and Roman had a powerful chemistry between them. His mere presence left her imagination exhausted.

Immediately after meeting Asia, Roman was offered a new project that required him to work in one of the most perilous neighborhoods. And soon, it wouldn't be long before their world would dramatically begin to unravel.

Determined to get to the bottom of it all, Roman captured the attention of a couple of scrupulous politicians and gangsters, which not only endangered his life, but also Asia's.

Even though Roman's mysterious life makes her uneasy, Asia can't resist his charms and falls head over hills in love with him. Through her psychic dreams, and through Romans persistence as a truth-seeker, they are forced to embark on several journeys together, that unlock some government secrets, forcing them to go into hiding. They learn through a shaman master that their love for each other is much deeper than they could have ever imagined and that they were both spiritually matched from birth.

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