Naughty Daddy: The Gift by B C King


Naughty Daddy Book 1

He had been given the greatest gift a man could ask for. Upon unleashing its powers, his two-year relationship is ruined.

Leaving Carla behind would be easy but to push the woman of his dreams from his life would be a much bigger challenge.

He closed the lid and took her hand, walking along the water's edge. All memories of what had happened would soon be gone but he would remember forever.

The Gift is the first book of the Naughty Daddy series.


Excerpt from Naughty Daddy: The Gift © Copyright 2023 B C King

“Dr. Dunfee, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” Jake said, offering his hand to the seated eighty-year-old man. “I’ve read most all of your work and find it fascinating.”

“You may call me William,” he said, shaking his hand. “Can you please shut the door and lock it.” He motioned behind Jake. “This is a private and confidential meeting.”

Jake did as the professor asked and took a seat in front of the desk. “Does this have anything to do with my work?” he asked anxiously, not sure why the meeting was private.

Dunfee leaned back in his chair and clasped his old, long fingers together. “What I’m about to share with you can never be told to anyone until such time that you see fit to pass it on before you die.” He stood up and walked to the closet behind him and took out his briefcase. He laid in on the desk between them. “In the late nineteenth century, a watch maker crafted a musical box to give to the woman he had loved his whole life but never married.” He sat back down and again clasped his hands. “When she opened the box and the music played, a wonderous thing happened.” He leaned forward and leaned onto the desk. “The woman of his desires looked at him with passion in her eyes and untold desires in her heart. The two of them made love right there for over an hour in his office. When he stood and closed the box, the woman had no recollection of what had happened.” He leaned back into his chair again. “He died a few years later and left the box to a dear friend with instructions of what had happened.”

“That man was in his fifties at the time he took possession and tested the box time and time again over the last twenty years of his life, trying to figure out how it worked. That man was my father, and I am the third owner of the box.” He spun the briefcase around and opened it for Jake to see it. “This is the box.” He took it out and sat it on the desk, putting his briefcase on the floor. He opened the lid and a soft melody started to play.

Jake leaned forward and listened. “I’ve never heard the tune before, what’s it called?” he asked curiously.

“The tune is of no importance and not one that’s ever been written. The notes are what are magical.” He closed the lid. “I was about your age when my father told me about it. He passed away within days of telling me, so I never got to question him. I’ve spent fifty years trying to understand its power. The notes and the frequency at which they play can’t be duplicated, I have tried hundreds of times. Modern technology can’t even duplicate the precise sound and frequency.” He picked up the wooden box and turned it from side to side. “Such a small box, you can put it in a sport coat pocket. But I still don’t understand it after fifty years.”

Jake blinked his eyes and sat back, curious as to why he was being told this tale. “Is that box the reason for all your work on female brain activity?”

Dunfee continued staring at the box as he moved it, almost in a daze. “I know what it does, I know how to use it, but I still have no idea why it works.” He sat it down and stood up, pushing the box toward Jake. “I want you to have it.”

Jake squirmed in his chair, shifting his weight from one side then the other. “I’m not sure I’d know what to do with it,” he said, not wanting to pick the box up.

Dunfee reached into the closet and pulled out a box of cigars. “Would you like one?” he asked, offering the box to Jake.

“I don’t smoke, thank you.”

He sat the box down and lit one before sitting back down. “The privilege of tenure,” he said as he exhaled the smoke. He took a few puffs then opened the top drawer, pulling out an ashtray and sitting his cigar in it. “Let me tell you what it does.” He flipped the lid open on the music box. “Those first few moments of music release all inhibitions in a female brain. The female brain is far busier than a male and the two halves are wired together more, causing the whole brain to function as one almost. Their brains are far more emotional than men’s. When their inhibitions are lowered to almost nothing, their bodies turn to the desires they crave the most. If a man is in their presence when this happens, she will desire from him whatever she needs. Usually. There are exceptions but I think you get the picture, don’t you Mr. Baxter?”

“Are you saying it hypnotizes them?” Jake sat forward in wonderment.

“Not at all. If I had to classify their condition it would be more like a drunken state. Truth will come out; clothes will fly, and they won’t remember it at all when it’s over.” He closed the lid. “But unlike being drunk, they are completely normal in all other ways. They can speak and carry on conversations, but their inner lusts and desires will crave to be fed.”

“Are you asking me to use it on women? I have a girlfriend and I’m quite happy with our relationship. Something like this could destroy it.”

He leaned back in his chair and swiveled from side to side. “I’m not asking you to use it, I’m asking you to take possession of it and try to find out why it works. If you come up with an answer before I die, I’d like to know.”

“How do I know you’re even telling me the truth? This is kind of a hard story to believe.”

“I agree. As a psychologist, I would find it very difficult to believe. As a man who’s had it in my possession for fifty years, I can assure you of its validity.”

“Why do you want to get rid of it now?”

“I can’t live forever, and the box has been good to me over the years. I haven’t used it in a few years now that I finally found my wife. So, now is the right time for it to be passed on. I would hope you will do due diligence when it’s time for you to pass it on.”

Jake leaned forward. “That’s another thing, why are you asking me to take it?”

“You’re a handsome strong, young man. Many women are already attracted to you. I’ve followed your work and I think if there is anyone who can find me the answer I seek, it’s you. I have no children to pass it on to, so, I choose you.”

“What if I don’t find out how it works?” He picked the box up and looked at it more closely.

“Then, I’m sure you’ll have a very long, enjoyable time trying to figure it out.” His wrinkled face smiled widely.

Jake started to stand.

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