My Grumpy Billionaire Boss by Vitina Rose


Three reasons my new employee is off limits.

She's too young, she could lose her job and she’s not my usual “no strings attached” type.

The board of directors hired her to help manage my stress, but I double down on grumpy when little miss sunshine thinks she can tell me what to do.

Now we’re locked in a battle of wills…and I’m losing.

My tough exterior weakens whenever her intoxicating scent fills my office.

I shouldn't want her the way I do but when those gorgeous green eyes look my way, I know I don’t care.

I’m burning to have her soft naked body pressed against mine.

And I’d risk everything for her to admit she wants me too.

But she's keeping something from me.

I can't protect her unless I find out what's wrong.

And I don’t play games when it comes to the one woman I want forever.


Excerpt from My Grumpy Billionaire Boss © Copyright 2023 Vitina Rose


I was barely interested in the entire idea of it all, so I'd barely read the file the board of directors had presented me the day before concerning the wellness coach they'd added to my employ. To this effect, I'd been expectant of a shriveled, stern looking older woman or at least an annoyed looking age-mate with an ancient sense of style.

The awfully young, ravishing woman that followed my bodyguards into my space, however, was the least I'd been expecting. Therefore, my initial resolve to cast a single glance at her form and continue with my reading vanished into thin air.

I found myself staring as she sashayed her way over to my desk, wondering if my board of directors hired a seductress instead of a wellness coach.

This woman certainly didn't possess an ancient sense of style. The dress she wore fit around her body like a glove and her dark hair was tied away from her face in a stylish way that gave the appropriate attention to the pink blush that faintly stained her exotically high cheekbones.

Now, I almost regretted that I'd sent her out and kept her waiting.


“Top of the morning to you, Mr. Dean Elliott. It is such a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance after all the debacles that have happened thus far.” When she offered her small, slender palm in a handshake, I realized that the blush on her face wasn't painted on with makeup, but the natural flush of anger. I stared at the outstretched hand in contemplation.

There was no doubt that the woman was angry by the treatment that I'd meted out to her earlier, but she was containing it when she should be lashing out. That made me wonder what she was up to. What was my board up to by sending her here? I suddenly remembered the wide smiles on the faces of the board members when I'd agreed to their little condition and all the warning signs began to blare.

Maybe this was all a trap? Maybe sending this woman here was all a ploy to distract me into making a mistake or something? I couldn't say for sure, but I knew I needed to dispose of this siren immediately, as she wasn't safe to be around.

Two seconds in my office, and she was already crumbling my defenses.

No way. There was simply no way I was going to be keeping her around.

“I see you're not one for handshakes,” the young woman piped up again in her melodious voice as she withdrew her hand. “That's not a problem. However, my job isn't to offer handshakes. My job is to get you back into shape.” She continued talking as she turned around and walked back to snatch her things from the grasp of one of the guards. She finished her statement with a patronizing smile perched on her face.

“Do I look out of shape to you?” I couldn't help but ask and a smile flickered on her face as she gave a slight nod towards my bodyguards. I dismissed my guards with a wave of my hand and raised my brow in expectation.

“A lot of people may be fooled by your strong jawline and wide shoulders and think you're in perfect shape for a forty-four-year-old big shot, but I'm no fool, I see the dark bags, the tightness in your shoulders, the bloodshot eyes, all tell the tale of your poor eating, sleeping and relaxation habits. They all tell the tale of your dwindling health and as a health and wellness coach, my job is to help you unlearn all those habits that may drive you to an early grave and build new habits that make for healthy living. Sir.”

Her face was set, her cadence perfect, her actions were precise and her body language expressive as she gave her speech. She placed her purse and files on the other side of my table and rounded over to me with a tablet in hand. I rose to my full height before she got to me. I wanted to make it clear that no small, curvy woman would barge into my office and intimidate me into submitting to whatever plan she and her cohorts had in store.

Also, I didn't trust her being too close to me, and it was easier to put distance between us while on my feet. I still didn't trust that her mission wasn't to seduce me.

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