Moonkissed by Damona Campbell


A Shadows United Novella

In the shadowy realms of the supernatural, where love defies all odds, Moonkissed weaves a passionate tale of forbidden romance and unbreakable connections.

Cassandra, a part-vampire with a captivating charm, finds her life forever changed when she falls for Cyprian, a captivating werewolf whose loyalty knows no bounds. As they awaken in each other's arms, they embark on a thrilling journey of love, secrets, and the promise of eternity.

But their love faces a unique challenge – the age-old traditions of the werewolf pack. In a world where the moon reigns supreme, the pair must navigate the intricacies of werewolf society, starting with obtaining a precious mating license and convince the pack alpha to condone their enduring tattoo mark that seals their fates together.

As they delve deeper into their passionate, almost otherworldly connection, they discover their bond unlocks a world of privileges, allowing them to safely navigate the complex web of supernatural politics and embark on a journey that spans countries.

From the humid swamps of Tampa, Moonkissed takes readers on a thrilling adventure filled with love, danger, and the enduring power of a connection that transcends human understanding.

Will Cassandra and Cyprian's love withstand the challenges that lie ahead? Can they secure the elusive mating license and navigate the treacherous waters of a world hidden from human eyes? In Moonkissed, love is not only tested; it is forged in the crucible of fate, where the moon itself illuminates the path to an everlasting bond.

This paranormal romance, tinged with intrigue, will captivate your heart and spirit, leaving you breathless as you witness the magnetic pull of love that refuses to be denied, even in the face of the supernatural. Moonkissed is a tale of love that defies boundaries, a story you won't want to end, and a connection that will forever remain etched in the moonlit skies.


Excerpt from Moonkissed © Copyright 2023 Damona Campbell

Chapter One: Cassandra

It was 5:00 PM when I left school. I had stayed late to grade my student’s class work and to get ahead with lessons for the next week. As I exited the building and took in the blinding light, I sneezed. The sun was still high in the sky since it was May, and the swelteringly moist humidity pushed the “real feel” over 100 degrees Fahrenheit; I shuddered, thinking about the pending rainy season of a tropical summer.

On one side of my car were sunny skies; on the other, an ominous purple-gray mass of oncoming thunderstorms. Summer beckoned. A few raindrops pinged my sedan’s roof, and I stepped inside.

Driving was an escape for me. I looked forward to the highway commute home each day…a quiet respite from the constant chatter of my elementary school students.

It was Friday, so I turned on my “going out” music playlist, which doubled as my gym workout playlist, and felt my muscles relax to the weekend party song vibes.

I tossed my hair, donned my gorgeous vintage white lace driving gloves to avoid sun rash, reapplied my lip color, a stain called “True Burgundy,” and then headed home.

I debated stopping at Ulta for some sunblock but decided against it and pulled off the highway onto the long ramp with a sigh. This exit was always backed up, as it boasted the new Premium Outlets and restaurants, and I prepared to sit for a few light cycles as the line of cars inched towards the intersection.

Suddenly, I heard an engine revving as a motorcycle flew up from behind my car on my left. I glanced into the side mirror to see a blackout mirrored helmet and black jacket skipping the line and watched the rider pass alongside me. I rolled my eyes at his impatience but couldn’t help but gape at his athletic shorts and muscular legs gripping the sides of the black sports bike. My eyebrows raised as I thought: That is the hottest build of a man I’ve ever seen.

His bike screeched to a halt, a car ahead of me. His trainers hit the ground, and his helmet jerked back to look at me. All I could see was a black reflection on his helmet. He must have seen my face agape. I blushed. I felt the heat creep into my neck and chest. I subconsciously cranked the AC down and a cooler temperature blew onto my face. I giggled, thinking how glad I was that he couldn’t hear my thoughts, but I felt the hair rise on my neck as he reached up to open his visor. He wouldn’t look back at me again, would he? I lowered my sunglasses down my nose to get a good look. I was smiling in a half grin of disbelief as I saw his eyes meet mine.

A tantalizing shiver coursed through my veins, igniting an intoxicating heat that awakened my primal desires within. An irresistible surge of power rippled through my body, a seductive reminder of the raw, untamed energy coursing beneath the surface. I blinked. The biker’s blue eyes tugged at me with a magnetic pull that was impossible to resist. His features were hidden in the full-face helmet, but his eyes blazed at me. Could I ever recognize them again? Like coming out of a daze, he turned and gunned his bike along the line of cars to make it through the intersection during the newly changed green light cycle. I didn’t make it. Why did I suddenly feel disappointed? Had it been that long since anyone had so blatantly paid attention to me? I looked at myself in the rearview mirror. My eyes narrowed in uncertainty. I felt bare and exposed, as if the motorcyclist had seen through my windshield and into my soul. My heart pounded almost painfully.