Knocked-Up My Brother’s Bride


Forbidden Daddy Steamy Novels Book 9

ALEXMy brother asked me to be his best man.
His fiancé is my best friend.
The girl I've been in love with since we were kids.

JULIA: My childhood best friend, Alex, is back in town.
He’s all grown. Tall, muscular, yummy and a billionaire doctor.
He sparks a desire I haven’t experienced in… ever. But he’s off-limits.
I’d never cross that line. Not with my best friend.
Not with his brother’s engagement ring on my finger.
Alex’s big brother, Hunter, is actually my fiancé .
He’s a famous rockstar with millions of fans.
Alex and I are getting close, once more. Our feelings undeniable.
He tries hard to resist it, to not betray his brother. Not to touch.
But one electrifying touch and our dams are broken. Lines are crossed.
Lines that’ll make his brother’s crazy fans dangerous.
Make his family disown him.
Now we’re left holding this big secret.
No. Two secrets.
How can our love ever survive this hell?

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Knocked-Up My Brother’s Bride: Surprise Pregnancy, Off-Limits Doctor: Best Friends to Lovers, Billionaire, Rockstar, Twin Baby (Forbidden Daddy Steamy Novels Book 9)