Happier Naked 4 by Elena Katz


Happier Naked Series Book 4

A Salty Pair of Erotic Stories

Her nights are a revolving door of hilarious hookups. What shocking sexcapades will this self-proclaimed tramp share?

Elena Katz gets off on life. And she’s free to do as she pleases in her daring open marriage. So no matter which man she leads up the stairs, she’s no stranger to a causal romp turning salaciously delicious or delightfully embarrassing.

What bedroom misadventures will she find in the crazily surprising modern dating world?

In a fun-filled, juicy account of embracing arousal under the tutelage of her husband and a rotating roster of lovers, Elena Katz explores the kink scene and steamily scandalous scenarios. And as she takes readers along her laughter-fueled journey of radical trust, those looking for an eye-opening scoop into sensuality will leave extremely satisfied.

Happier Naked is an entertaining and titillating memoir unfolded over a four-book series. If you like unapologetically upfront heroines, conversational-style anecdotes, and flirtatious gossip, then you’ll be down with Elena Katz’s playful diary.


Excerpt from Happier Naked 4 © Copyright 2022 Elena Katz


This is the story of Ray, who was actually a guy I would fuck again. A tenner if ever there was one.

I met Ray off a dating app. The chit-chat back and forth was good. The pics were good. Based on the photos, he looked like a shredded dude. A solid dude, moderately attractive, with a kind smile in every photo. He had some nicer photos and some not-as-nice photos.
(Psst! A little hint-hint for the gentlemen reading. Ask your girl friends to help you take profile photos. Believe me, they’ll do a better job helping show off your features in the best light.)

But anyway, good or bad photos, that was all fine. We’d been chatting on the app. And then we chit-chatted over SMS, you know, sending pics back and forth . . . and he wasn’t shy! And he wasn’t stingy, either. So it wasn’t like it was usually. With a lot of these guys, asking politely for a dick pic is like asking to pull a tooth out. With Ray, though, things were going easy and smooth. And overall, he had a great attitude.

It was over text that I explained to him that I’m in an open marriage, and that I have some ground rules for side hookups. And, I said, I hope that’s fine. I always explain the rules in person, too, and I’m coming in real casual. I give them outs at every step, but after dozens of guys, none of them had taken the out. All came highly motivated. When it came time to perform, though . . . um, let me just say the stories varied! And you can see from my first three books in the Happier Naked series just how wildly different these dates were.

So I told Ray that my husband is a really cool guy. He’ll even buy you a beer afterwards! And that you guys can meet up and chat and have a drink, no pressure. Just to chat. On another day. And this is something I’ve often said to some of these guys. Not everyone gets that privilege, but the truth is, I have the awesomest hubby in the world!