To many, erotica is all about Christian Grey's fetishes and sex stories. However, this genre has much more to offer. It is not just pure eroticism, but plenty of action and great storylines as well. Whether you are fascinated by Great Britain's style in terms of erotica, or you simply want something different, here are some of the best-rated British erotica books to trigger your senses and let your imagination go wild.

Diary of a Contemporary Woman, by Lucy Pussett

Angelique Santoro is 34 years old and feels extremely frustrated with how normal relationships are supposed to go. She knows that everyone dreams of a traditional relationship, but she simply hates the idea of being trapped in one. She would find it boring, not to mention the impossibility to be what every traditional man expects from a woman.

Eventually, Angelique decides it is time to move on and look after her own happiness instead. She is single for the first time in more than a decade. She ignores the fear of being lonely, and she decides to become whatever she has always dreamed of. The book follows her story and makes one of the best chick-lit erotica books out there, following the heroine’s new adventures.

Angelique starts a new life and aims to rediscover herself from a sexual point of view. She goes through a plethora of new adventures, and the reader experiences them first hand. The story is bold and intense, but also honest and well written. You will find it funny at times, as well as sad in other situations – definitely a must-read.

Freestyle, by Bea Paige

Freestyle makes one of the most intense British erotica books out there. It represents the first book in the Academy of Stardom collection, and it introduces the reader to what seems to be an incredible story. While there are plenty of sexual scenes in there, it has a good storyline too, not to mention the actual action. All in all, the heroine is passionate about dance.

She has a small group of dancers, and she is the only girl among four boys. They used to be an unbeatable crew, but things changed when the boys decided to break her heart. Eventually, they left her, so she had to start all over from scratch. She was only 16 years old when the unfortunate event occurred. She chose to keep dancing, and they chose the wrong path – crime.

The story takes you three years later. The heroine is still a teenager – a young lady now. She studies at the Stardom Academy now. She is trying to forget the past, but the four boys who shattered her heart are back in her life. There is plenty of sexuality, foul language, and action in this book, so apart from being part of the erotica genre, it can easily be classified in other genres as well.

Come to Daddy, by Brianna Hale

Come to Daddy is Brianna Hale's first book in the Love Don't Cost a Thing series and by far the most exciting one. This is where the action begins. This is where you get to meet the characters and understand their sexual connections. Now, the story begins with a few rules for a new sugar baby. You are worth it, so never underestimate yourself. Hustle and get out in time. Never fall for the sugar daddy. Simple.

Things can get a bit more complicated, though because the heart does not follow any rules. The heroine believes she will never be one of those girls. However, her father has an impressive debt to a crime lord, so she needs to join the industry and do her best to make some money out of it. She looks good, and she is totally worth it, but will she succeed?

All in all, she meets Misha. He is not just a billionaire, but a pretty attractive one. Ciara finds him a bit fishy, as a few things simply do not add up. She does need to save for that debt, though, so she cannot afford to be picky. Whenever he calls, she is there for him. She is his fantasy, so she will have to do anything for him.

Chastity Black (Volume 1), by Tay Lawrence

This is one of the best chick lit erotica if you enjoy strong and explicit sex scenes, as well as a bit of action – rather than just pure eroticism. The story follows Chastity Black. She is a secret agent, and she works for MI5. She is well trained and definitely not the type of person people would like to mess with – she has been through all kinds of hassle and trouble.

Now, things tend to get a bit personal when her sister is found dead in Thames. She needs to find the killer. This is no longer a job, but a personal issue she has to solve as quickly as possible. She has a few clues, so she signs up for an escort agency in order to follow the lead. This is when the action begins – she gets more clues about her sister, but she also discovers what it means to be a luxury escort.

Determined to find the killer, Chastity joins rich and powerful groups. She infiltrates a private group and does whatever it takes to find out more about the case. As if all these were not enough, she also has to hide from the detective responsible for the case, who might recognize her. Is she going to find out what happened?

Flesh, by Brigid Brophy

This is the type of British erotica that will certainly trigger your imagination. Nancy and Marcus meet at a party. They are completely different. He has never received too much attention from women – he is also a virgin.

Great news for Nancy then. She is more experienced, but she is looking for a freshman to educate based on her needs. Marcus seems perfect for her. The two marry, and soon, Marcus realizes what is happening to him.

As he gains experience, he starts to unleash the inner beast. He wants more from Nancy. His confidence skyrockets, and he knows that he can become an incredible lover. This is when the real action begins.

The Controversial Princess, by Jodi Ellen Malpas

She is a princess, but far from the typical one. Her father rules in England, but she is quite controversial. She is one of the rebellious people at the court. Princess Adeline does not care too much about her title, and she behaves like any other young lady. She knows that everyone around her lies, and the royal family hides lots of secrets – not the type of environment she wants to live in.

The king asks her to marry someone from a good family, but she would never marry someone without love. One thing leads to another and she ends up meeting Josh Jameson. Josh is a confident actor – good looking, charming, and with a few scandals under his belt. He takes her breath away the moment he looks at her, and she realizes that her defense is useless in front of his charm.

She finally feels alive. However, their relationship is less likely to last . He is a Hollywood celebrity, but not royalty. Plus, Adeline knows that her father would never accept such a marriage. What is she going to do next?

Lyrical, by Bea Paige

Lyrical is a follow up to Freestyle. While you could get the idea without reading the first book, it pays off going through it as well – gets a bit of a background story before diving in. Just like the first book, the second one is told from the heroine's point of view. She had a dancing group with four guys, but they chose money and crime later on. Years on, these guys are back into her life.

They end up at the Stardom Academy, but they are not there to study or dance. They have a mission, and they seem to work for the Skins – a local gang with a bad reputation. The Skins are after something, and the heroine is caught in the middle. As if all these were not enough, her troubled brother is after something as well.

The book has numerous scenes of sexuality and eroticism. However, it is not just a random story about love and sex. Instead, there is some action involved. Plus, a few plot twists will have your heart racing, only to cool down with a bit of love and romance. Will the heroine manage to survive her group one more time?


Bottom line, these are some of the most attractive British erotica books out there. Indeed, the list could be a bit longer, but these titles are more than enough to keep you excited and entertained. Whether you are after pure lust or you want a bit of action as well, British erotica does have that little something that makes it stand out in the crowd.​